You can buy a brand new electric ‘Bugatti’ with digital screen for £6,000 – but there’s a catch | The Sun

BUGATTI builds some of the most luxurious, most powerful and fastest hypercars on the planet.

People pay millions of pounds to drive cars like the Veyron, Chiron and Divo, and Bugatti's models are the undisputed stars of automotive social media.

But a company is offering the chance to drive a 'Bugatti' for just £6k – and it's electric.

The catch is Bugatti has nothing to do with this fake and you'll need to buy it from in China.

The other issue is that you'll need to pay extra to have it shipped to Britain and once it's here you can't register it for the road.

But you probably wouldn't want to; this fake 'Bugatti' by Chinese firm Shandong Gaia is tiny.

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That's because underneath it's pretty much a golf cart, with a small battery and weedy electric motor at the back.

A full charge takes upto 10 hours and once finished you'll have a range of around 100 miles.

And while real Bugatti's have broken various land speed records of more than 200mph, you'll be topping out at 30mph in this fake.

Inside there are seats for four, but very little space for adults in the back and a tiny boot for luggage.


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The interior is very low quality, but you do get a screen that handles the infotainment and that you can plug your phone into.

The advert also makes a big deal about the fact the car has air-condition. Pure luxury.

There appears to be a choice of white or red for the outside, but whichever you go for you probably won't be fooling anyone.

Especially Bugatti's lawyers, who might want to give this firm a call to discuss it.

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