Who Is Winning the Democratic Primary and How Many Delegates the Candidates Have

Former Vice President Joe Biden

Primaries and/or caucuses won: Alabama, Arkansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

Delegates so far: 788 — 44 in Alabama, 17 in Arkansas, 150 in California (second-place finish), 12 in Colorado (second-place finish), six in Iowa (fourth-place finish), 11 in Maine, 37 in Massachusetts, 38 in Minnesota, nine in Nevada (second-place finish), 67 in North Carolina, 21 in Oklahoma, 39 in South Carolina, 33 in Tennessee, 111 in Texas, four in Utah (second-place finish), five in Vermont (second-place finish) and 66 in Virginia.

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Mike Bloomberg

Primaries and/or caucuses won: One. Bloomberg dropped out of the race on March 4.

Delegates won: 61 — four from American Samoa, five from Arkansas (third-place finish), 15 from California (third-place finish), nine from Colorado (third-place finish), four from North Carolina (third-place finish), two rom Oklahoma (third-place finish), 10 from Tennessee (third-place finish), 10 from Texas (third-place finish) and two from Utah (third-place finish).

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Pete Buttigieg

Primaries and/or caucuses won: Iowa. Buttigieg dropped out of the race on March 1.

Delegates won: 26 — 14 in Iowa, nine from New Hampshire (second-place finish) and three in Nevada (third-place finish).

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Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Primaries and/or caucuses won: None. Klobuchar dropped out of the race on March 2.

Delegates won: Seven — one from Iowa (fifth-place finish) and six from New Hampshire (third-place finish).

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Sen. Bernie Sanders

Primaries and/or caucuses won: California, Colorado, New Hampshire, Nevada, Utah and Vermont.

Delegates so far: 633 — eight in Alabama (second-place finish), nine in Arkansas (second-place finish), 186 in California, 20 in Colorado, 12 in Iowa (second-place finish), nine in Maine (second-place finish), 29 in Massachusetts (second-place finish), 27 in Minnesota (second-place finish), 24 from Nevada, nine from New Hampshire, 37 in North Carolina (second-place finish), 13 in Oklahoma (second-place finish), 15 in South Carolina (second-place finish), 19 in Tennessee (second-place finish), 102 in Texas (second-place finish), 13 in Utah, 11 in Vermont and 31 in Virginia (second-place finish).

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Primaries and/or caucuses won: None. Warren dropped out of the race on March 5.

Delegates won: 69 — five from California (fourth-place finish), six from Colorado (fourth-place finish), four from from Iowa (third-place finish), four from Maine (third-place finish), 25 from Massachusetts (third-place finish), 10 from Minnesota (third-place finish), two from North Carolina (fourth-place finish), one from Oklahoma (fourth-place finish), fourth from Tennessee (fourth-place finish), five from Texas (fourth-place finish) and two from Virginia (third-place finish).

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