Who is Guggimon and how to unlock Fortnite skin?

FORTNITE'S new season dropped on Tuesday, introducing a raft of new skins for players to try out.

Fans are going crackers for one playable character in particular – a tattooed rabbit who goes by the name of Guggimon.

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Who is Guggimon?

Guggimon is a new bunny skin introduced with the release of Chapter 2, Season 7 on June 8.

The tattooed character sports a scowling set of beady black eyes, tartan trousers and a dark t-shirt layered over a pink long-sleeved top.

It's one of several collabs in Season 7 alongside the likes of foul-mouthed scientist Rick Sanchez from the popular cartoon series Rick and Morty.

Guggimon is a mascot of the American brand "Superplastic", which creates virtual celebrities with millions of followers on social media.


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The bunny has 1.3million followers on Instagram alone. Their bio describes them as a "fashion horror artist".

There are even a series of vinyl Guggimon toys crafted by Superplastic, which also sells apparel based on its characters.

According to the Vermont-based company, the big-eared influencer has a penchant for handbags, axes, designer toys, Billie Eilish and The Shining.

Superplastic has previously created a line of vinyl toys with chart-topping electronic band Gorillaz.


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How to unlock Guggimon

The Guggimon skin is an Epic Fortnite outfit available with the Guggimon set.

That means you'll need Fortnite Battle Pass to unlock it. Battle Pass premium tier costs 950 V-Bucks.

You'll need to hit level 30 in order to unlock the Guggimon set.

As of Season 7, Epic now lets you exchange Battle Stars to claim rewards without having to hit a certain level.

What are Fortnite skins?

Skins are cosmetic items in Fortnite that players can add to their in-game character to change their appearance.

They can be purchased on the Epic Store using Fortnite's in-game currency, V-Bucks.

Over the years, skins have become more elaborate and today can be used to dress your character up as famous faces.

Recently, Fortnite-maker Epic Games has released skins for Marvel's Black Panther, the Xenomorph from the "Alien" franchise and even football superstar Neymar.

Fortnite supported platforms

Here’s the full list…

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4
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  • iOS
  • Android

What is Fortnite Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass is a featured item in Fortnite Battle Royale that you can purchase through the Epic Store.

It offers you the chance to win V-Bucks and up to 100 items, including in-game cosmetics.

Players unlock new items by playing the game. Each match will earn them experience that helps them climb up through levels one to 100.

Players can also purchase levels at 150 V-Bucks for each level. Levelling up your character grants you rewards.

A Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks, or around £6.49/$7.99. Battle Passes reset each season.

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