WaPo columnist says GOP on 'racist course' despite major gains with minority voters in 2020

Media top headlines June 9

The New York Times getting panned for its Mara Gay defense, a case of mistaken identity at Vice President Harris’ press conference, and a White House press corps flight being delayed by cicadas round out today’s top media headlines

Washington Post columnist Perry Bacon Jr. suggested that the Republican Party is on a “racist course” despite making great strides with minority voters in the 2020 election cycle. 

In a piece titled, “Were Biden’s bold first 100 days a mirage?” Bacon sounded the alarm that the best days of President Biden’s progressive agenda may already be behind him based on the current gridlock on Capitol Hill. 

Bacon knocked Biden’s “desire to return to ‘normal,’” suggesting that bipartisanship with the current GOP is impossible. 

“I understand the instinct to try to bring the country together and focus on the future. But normal is over,” Bacon wrote. “The Republican Party is on an anti-democratic, racist course, and Biden and the Democrats have to accept that the Republicans have basically thrust them into a partisan uncivil war. They have to fight and win that war, instead of wishing it away.”

Despite Bacon’s assertion, the Republican Party made significant gains among minority voters last November. 

President Trump saw an increase in Black and Hispanic voters from his 2016 turnout. In Florida, Latino support for Trump surged a whopping 12 points to 47% of the vote. 

The GOP welcomed its most diverse freshman class of lawmakers to Congress in the party’s history. 

More recently, Republicans flipped mayoral races in Texas this week including the border town of McAllen, which has an 85% Hispanic population. 

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