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Vice President Kamala Harris tested negative for COVID-19 after meeting with several Texas House Democratic lawmakers who recently contracted the virus, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed on Monday.

“I think the vice president’s office put out that she was tested and there was no detection of COVID-19,” Psaki said. “They also put out some specific details about their proximity to the individuals who tested positive as well. We take these precautions incredibly seriously and abide by the guidance of our help and medical experts.”

Five of the Texas House Democrats who traveled to Washington D.C. have tested positive for COVID-19 in recent days. Harris met with the Texas lawmakers last Tuesday.

When asked whether the White House was disappointed that the lawmakers did not wear masks on their flight to the nation’s capital, Psaki declined to directly respond.

“I don’t think I’m going to be in a position here to assess what safety precautions they may or may not have taken. Obviously, these individuals were out there trying to elevate the issue of an individual’s right to vote,” Psaki said.

“What’s important for everybody to know is that the vice president was tested,” she added. “She, of course, takes these precautions seriously and we would follow any advice our public health officials give us.”

Psaki said “no additional precautions” were being taken to separate Harris from President Biden following her meeting with the lawmakers.

Harris went to Walter Reed Medical Center on Sunday for what her office described as a routine doctor’s appointment. Officials said Harris was not in close contact with the infected lawmakers and would not need to quarantine.

Psaki told reporters that Harris’ appointment was already scheduled before the meeting.

“It was a visit that was scheduled for several weeks, long before the visit of the Texas legislators, a routine appointment which she had, again, scheduled several weeks ago,” Psaki said.

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