Video: 'Worst parker' takes 8 'painful' minutes to pull car into space

Physicists discover new solution to finding parking spots

Physicists Paul Krapivsky and Sidney Redner have come up with a mathematical solution for drivers to help them find parking.

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try and try and ….

A driver in Ashford, U.K., was caught on camera having a little bit of trouble trying to back into a parking space … for eight minutes.

The incident was filmed by Andrei Dalca, who was entertained by the proceedings from a balcony overlooking the lot.

The driver had a pair of open side-by-side spaces to work with, but just couldn’t manage to back their compact Toyota straight into any of them.

“What made it funny was the fact that there were straight lines to show you where to park and there’s so many free spaces,” Dalca told The Sun.

“He could be the worst parker in the UK at the moment.”

The driver made 10 different approaches, including pulling all the way down the aisle, before finally putting the car down the center of one of the spots.

“If I was him I’d get an hour or two with a driving instructor and then try again. He might not embarrass himself then,” Dalca said.

According to The Sun, the U.K. driving test, which takes 2.1 times on average to pass, does not include reverse parking.

Dalca posted the video to his Facebook page where it went viral and commenters called it ‘painful’ to watch.

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