Unvaccinated LA student speaks out after being removed from class, roped off from classmates

Los Angeles school separating vaccinated students

New West Charter School Student Ellah Nahum claims she was separated from her classmates for being unvaccinated. Let Them Breathe founder Sharon McKeeman discusses their fight to treat all students equally

Parents and students in Los Angeles are filing suit over the vaccine mandate after a charter school separated unvaccinated students, refusing to let them in the classroom and roping them off from their classmates.


New West Charter School student Ellah Nahum and “Let them Breathe” founder Sharon McKeeman, the organization that is also representing the individuals in the suit, joined “Fox & Friends First” to discuss the legal action.

“I’m just trying to exercise my constitutional rights,” Nahum told Todd Piro. “I solely just want to be treated like the rest of my classmates and I don’t want to be, or at least I don’t want my reputation, my status, to be consumed by the fact that I am now unvaccinated.”

“At this point, I feel like that’s all I have become to my classmates and my administration, and everything that I have done to help build my relationship with all of my peers and my teachers has now just completely been eliminated due to the fact that I’m unvaccinated,” she continued. 

Students at New West Charter School who were prevented from going to class because they are unvaccinated
(Let Them Breathe)

According to Nahum, unvaccinated students were threatened with suspension and were even sectioned off behind caution tape for refusing to get the jab earlier this month. 

“We’ve been helping parents advocate, and now we’ve filed this lawsuit on behalf of students like Ellah because no young person should be segregated or punished or made to feel how Ella is just for trying to access their in-person education in the United States of America,” McKeeman said. 

New West Charter School issued a statement in response to the move, solidifying its stance calling the vaccine mandate the “right thing to do for all” students.

Despite this, Nahum reiterated her motive, which is to receive her in-person education despite her vaccination status.  

“We weren’t here to protest. We weren’t here to make a point,” Nahum stated. “We weren’t here to start any, you know, drama or commotion on campus. We were just there to go to school.”

The vaccine mandate, which was implemented after winter break, does allow for medical exemptions but does not allow religious or personal belief exemptions. 

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