Universal Credit recipients could shave hundreds of pounds off their water bills

Martin Lewis reveals tips on cutting water bills

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Rather than suffer in silence, campaigners are urging people to make sure they are getting all the financial help they can. In times like these, many will look to see if they can pay less on their household bills and there is a way they could shave hundreds of pounds off their water bill that many may not have considered.

Water is “the forgotten utility” according to Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis, but there is a way some families could potentially save hundreds of pounds over the course of a year.

Unlike energy, people can’t switch water providers but if they are claiming benefits like Universal Credit, Housing Benefit or Income Support they could apply to the WaterSure Scheme.

This places a cap on peoples’ bills so they don’t end up paying too much or think they need to use less water because they are scared of receiving a huge bill.

It’s not an option for everyone but it could be a way to slash costs for people on Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit.

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To meet the criteria, families will need to be claiming benefits and have three or more children living at home under the age of 19.

People without children might qualify if they have a medical condition that means they need to use more water.

This includes conditions like psoriasis, Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis and covers anyone living in the property.

It’s impossible to say exactly how much bills could be reduced by but anyone who is accepted will not be asked to pay more than the average household no matter how much water they use.

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Anyone in England can switch over to a water meter free of charge – Martin Lewis says some people save hundreds of pounds doing this.

The Money Saving Expert website says: “It varies depending on your household’s usage, but we regularly see successes of £100s a year. Use the water meter calculator below to do a full check.

“Whether a meter’s worthwhile depends – as we’ve said – on your usage, but also your water company.

“Most have up to two years to change back free of charge – so if it doesn’t work out, ditch it.”

Experts at thinkmoney believe now is the time for people to check whether they are getting all the help they can.

A spokesperson said: “Everybody’s situation is different, so it is vital that you seek free independent information from a financial advice service.

“A good place to start is by doing a benefits check.

“This will ensure you are claiming everything you are entitled to.

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“Citizens Advice has a guide on how to see if you can increase your income.

“You may also wish to ask your local council if they have any hardship funds to help with living costs, or can give you access to food banks.

“Citizens Advice can also refer you to local support if needed.

“Check if you can apply for free school meals from your local authority. Talk to your bill providers if you are worried about meeting payments.”

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