Universal Credit increased by £1000 a year by Rishi Sunak in new coronavirus measures

Universal Credit has basic allowances in place which pay a maximum of £498.89 a month. The government in recent days have introduced several measures to support the economy and the people within it.


  • Universal Credit: Change in circumstances can affect payments

The most recent changes introduced by Rishi Sunak have been the most drastic so far.

Universal Credit claimants will now have their standard allowances raised by £1,000 for the year.

There are four standard allowances in place which are dependent on specific living arrangements.

They also factor in the claimants age, meaning there will be variation for amounts paid out.

So long as the £1,000 is split evenly over 12 months, the following should be received:

Going forward, claimants who are single and under 25 will receive around £335 a month.

Single claimants over 25 will receive just over £400 a month.

Couples younger than 25 will receive around £478 a month each.

Couples older than 25 will get just over £582 a month.

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