‘Truly unique’: Interior macro trend predictions for 2022 – ‘they are evolving’

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January marks a fresh start for many homeowners which means it’s the perfect time to decorate and update your home. Fresh colours, designs and a change of scene can add new energy to rooms in your property. Rooms that looked previously tired and dull can be updated with jobs such as painting or refurbishing furniture.

Interior designer experts from Hovia have shared their expertise on interior macro trends they predict will make an appearance the year.

Up-cycled design

Sustainable design continues, and crafting and upcycling is a great way to incorporate sustainable designs in homes.

This uprise in trends has been lead by TikTok and Pinterest with crazes such as rug making, embroidery, furniture hacks and upcycles, and vegetable dip dyes.

Jess, designer and trends researcher at Hovia said: “Due to growing environmental concerns, upcycling has become increasingly popular over the last year. 

“You can use any style of wallpaper, but watercolour or print designs work best. 

“We’re seeing creators experimenting with colour and print which then creates truly unique styles.”

Japanese influence continued

The Japanese style has had a big impact on interior trends throughout the past year and this trend is not stopping anytime soon.

Japanese style will continue to trend and evolve with the influences of Japandi, Konmari, the Tokyo Olympics and anime pushing its growth.

Lauren, designer and trend researcher at Hovia said: “One of our upcoming projects features a Japanese craft called Suminagashi. 

“Suminagashi means “floating ink”, and it is the Japanese art of marbling. 

“We’ve been experimenting with Japanese design styles a lot this year, particularly inspired by zen wellness. 

“We plan to continue exploring Japanese techniques and icons in 2022.”

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Shape and form

This year, homeowners will embrace a range of different textures and textiles in the home.

Jess added: “The trend of abstract cut-out design has changed and morphed quite a bit since its take off in popularity a few years ago. 

“We are seeing creators experiment with different materials now, such as wood, paint, canvas, and weaving. 

“Over time this trend has evolved from a digital style to more tactile designs with focus on textures and textiles.”

Biophilic design

Soft, light botanicals are always trending in some way. 

There is a huge market for botanical products, especially in interiors and print. 

Delicate drawings and watercolour paintings of botanical studies look popular for 2022.

Lauren explained how the biophilic trend focuses mainly on minimal green foliage elements with lots of breathing space.

Lauren said: “Biophilic design is an interior trend that is back for 2022 and it’s sure to stay. 

“Not only does it take inspiration from botanical trends, but it produces a cacophony of bold, green tones that are perfect for bathrooms and living spaces alike. 

“Any reference on bringing the outside in will have a positive impact on mental health, too.” 

Stripes nouveau

Stripes can brighten up even the bluest of Januaries.

Catherine, Head of Design at Hovia said: “This is an early stage trend prediction, as we expect the influence of the next Olympic Games to start to trend within interiors. 

“For Paris 2024, we expect to start seeing French style ripple through.”

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