This new $90,390 luxury motorhome can accommodate up to 5 people using shifting and hidden amenities — see inside the iSmove

  • Niesmann+Bischoff has debuted its newest motorhome, the iSmove.
  • The Fiat Ducato-based motorhome can accommodate up to five people by using flexible furniture and living spaces.
  • The interior includes a separate bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, leisure and dining area, and a bed that can be stored in the ceiling.
  • The iSmove can stay off-grid for up to nine days with a fully upgraded power system.
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Niesmann+Bischoff has debuted its newest motorhome, the iSmove, which sits on the body of a Fiat Ducato and relies on movable furniture to accomodate up to five people.

The Germany-based motorhome maker, which is a subsidiary of the Erwin Hymer Group, currently has three other tiny homes on wheels in its lineup: the Smove, Arto, and Flair. But unlike these previous models, the iSmove was created to "break all the rules" by integrating new design elements into the shape shifting space.

Like other motorhome makers around the world, Niesmann+Bischoff was negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic after the company had to shut its factory operations down and delay delivery dates, according to a news release posted in March.

But now, the motorhome maker is bouncing back into the market with its latest unveiling, which comes at a fortuitous time in which RV makers have seen a spike in inquiries and sales as more people have started considering road instead of air travel.

Niesmann+Bischoff's newest unveiling has redesigned the classic motorhome look by using flexible amenities and seven patent-pending features — like a flushed ceiling bed and sliding shower — all throughout the interior.

The motorhome's aluminum walls with styrofoam insulation can be optionally lined with felt for better "ambient sounds" inside the motorhome.

Unlike many traditional tiny homes on wheels, the entry door into the iSmove is windowless, which makes the interior look more put together, according to Niesmann+Bischoff.

The inside of the motorhome is about 6.5 feet tall, creating standing room for most people.

Unlike most motorhomes and camper vans that are millennial-friendly by being all-white, the iSmove has dark ceilings, which gives the interior a cozy feel, according to its maker.

iSmove's open floor plan has several separate functional spaces, including a bedroom, a bathroom across from the kitchen, a living room area …

… and a cockpit that sits under the lifting bed.

The secondary lifting bed can be stored in the ceiling above the cockpit when it's not in use.

The main bedroom is located at the rear of the motorhome, and there are two bedroom options that differ on the bed space: clients can either opt to have one queen bed, or two smaller beds.

The number of beds also affects the dimensions of the vehicle: the single bed model is longer than the 22.95-foot long double bed model by a little less than one foot.

With this, the single bed is also more expensive at around $91,380 compared to the almost $90,390 double bed model.

For those who can afford to splurge even more on the iSmove, Niesmann+Bischoff also offers pages of upgrades at additional costs, ranging from different accent colors to multimedia systems to kitchen add-ons.

But anyways, let’s get back to the motorhome.

There are wardrobes under the bed for a hidden storage spot.

The sleeping space can also be blocked off from the rest of the motorhome by using an optional kitchen shelf (we'll get to that in a bit) and a sliding door.

The L-shaped kitchen — which sits between the living area and the bedroom — can be upgraded with the Premium Kitchen package. This allows the unit to extend and expand when in use.

With this upgrade, food can be prepared on the pull-out cutting board and expandable countertop, and then cooked on the dual gas stovetop.

There’s also a refrigerator drawer for prolonged food storage.

Unlike most kitchens, the iSmove has an electric shelf that can be lowered in order to hide itself when the kitchen space is not in use.

This shelf also serves as the additional divider between the main bedroom and the rest of the motorhome.

Across the way is the bathroom, which has a full hidden shower that can slide into place and away from the toilet and sink when it's needed.

There are also motion sensor lights in the bathroom, which means occupants won't have to stumble around at night just to use the toilet.

Towards the front half of the motorhome is the leisure area, which includes seating options and table for dining, lounging, or work if you’re a digital nomad.

The passenger bench seat — which comes with seatbelts — can optionally rotate to face the table.

For those who want additional seating, Niesmann+Bischoff can also include a fifth seatacross the table with built-in storage.

The driver and main passenger seats can swivel to face the interior and table as well, creating a leisure space that can accommodate a whole family.

Occupants seated at the table also have the optional 32-inch television and sound system in their line of sight.

When the driver and passenger seats aren't rotated to face the interior, the seats will face the cockpit, which has side drawers and phone or tablet charging and holding stations.

There are also 230-volt and USB sockets around the interior.

The tiny home on wheels can be brightened with its ambient indirect, reading, and in-ceiling lights.

The brightness of several of these lights can then be adjusted on the glass panel touchscreen, which also serves as the control panel for other amenities.

For gear storage, iSmove has optional exterior drawers and a rear garage that can hold items like bicycles or surfboards.

The iSmove can stay off-grid by using the 52.83-gallon fresh and 31.7-gallon waste water tanks, and the 100-amp hour lithium battery system.

To further these off-grid capabilities, the iSmove can also be upgraded to have up to three 100-amp hour battery systems, a 125-watt solar panels, a 13.21-gallon gas tank, and a 31.7-gallon toilet in the bathroom.

If the power system is upgraded to the maximum that Niesmann+Bischoff allows, the vehicle will be able to stay off-grid for nine days, according to its maker.

Source: Niesmann+Bischoff 

For those who want a cold-proof vehicle, the iSmove can also be upgraded with a winter pack, which comes with a water, floor, windscreen, and driver's cab heater …

… thicker windows, and an air conditioning unit with heating capabilities.

Interior colors and materials on amenities such as the wall storage units, drawers, and seat cushions can be picked from Niesmann+Bischoff's catalogue.

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