Tax credit Easter payments: When is tax credit due date for Easter payment?

Tax credit payments are a government financial aid for people on a low income. They come monthly, although the dates they arrive for some people may differ this year thanks to the Easter bank holiday. rounds up exactly when your payments can be expected.

When is tax credit due to Easter payment?

Tax credits, much like several other benefits and financial aids, will come slightly earlier for some people this year.

People can claim one of or both child and working tax credits depending on their situation.

Whether or not they qualify depends on their overall income and circumstances, with assessments conducted by HMRC.


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Much like Universal Credit, people can choose to receive them every week or month, and they start after a claim has been processed.

For example, those who received their first payment on the 12th of the month will receive all other payments on that day every month following.

No one will ever receive their tax credit payment on a weekend or bank holiday, however.

As such, those who usually receive a payment on April 10, 11, 12 or 13 will not this month.

Instead, the government will pay them on Thursday, April 9. so you have the funds before the bank holiday.

The same applies to other types of benefits, such as Universal Credit.

People will always receive their benefit payments before a bank holiday falls in the UK.

The Government has released the dates it will pay people due payments during a bank holiday in 2020 and early 2021.

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Here are the dates people will get paid this year if their payment falls on a bank holiday:

  • April 10 2020: April 9
  • April 13 2020: April 9
  • May 8 2020: May 7
  • May 25 2020: May 22
  • July 13 2020: July 10 (Northern Ireland only)
  • August 3 2020: July 13 (Scotland only)
  • August 31 2020: August 28
  • December 25 2020: December 24
  • December 28 2020: December 24
  • December 29 2020: December 24 (Northern Ireland only)
  • January 1 2021: December 31
  • January 4 2021: December 31 (Scotland only)

The government said local holidays also affect tax credit payments.

People living in the following areas may have their payments delayed if due on the following dates:

  • Glasgow and Aberdeen: 28 September
  • Edinburgh: 21 September
  • Dundee: 5 October

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