Tammy Bruce: Government sees us as 'hamsters in the wheel'

Tammy Bruce: No doubt the government sees us as hamsters in the wheel

‘Fox News Primetime’ host examines the government’s priorities

Tammy Bruce described that the government’s “endless spending is a representation of the denigration of humanity at every level” Thursday on “Fox News Primetime”

TAMMY BRUCE: Big government only sees itself. It is the ultimate narcissist, everything else exists for its benefit.  

Think about this” with massive government, the people are the budget. We’re little hash marks on a piece of paper, little items in a multi-trillion dollar lobbyist giveaway, all devolving us into nothing more than a product to manage, a product to distribute, a product to tax, and a product to exploit for political and financial gain all along the way.

The size of government itself and its contempt for the people it’s supposed to represent has made it inevitable that they hardly see us as human beings at all. No doubt they see us as hamsters in the wheel, all to fund an ever-expanding bureaucracy.

In fact, the endless spending is a representation of the denigration of humanity at every level, and it all happens when the government becomes an insatiable monolith.

And here’s a time period to think about: 5 months. 5 months – that’s on average how many months Americans worked in 2021 just the pay our tax bill. 


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