Support for the self-employed: Expert calls for state grants to cover immediate loses

Rishi Sunak has provided huge support for employees, businesses and workers in the UK. Last week, he announced that £330 billion would be made available to help businesses cope during this tough time.


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On top of this, Universal Credit claimants have seen rules relaxed and mortgage holders have been offered “holidays”.

In the days since these announcements were made, many people expected Rishi to make further commitments to the self-employed.

While small changes have been made for them, they have not seen the same level of support as employees have from the government.

Some feel that this is unacceptable, especially as the self-employed are most likely to have their income affected by coronavirus.

Matt Dowling, the CEO of Freelancer Club, recently displayed his disappointment with the lack of clarity: “I’m speechless. We were expecting support and we’ve been given excuses.

“They are throwing freelancers and the self-employed under the bus.

“By not promising support now they’re effectively condemning people to bankruptcy, or worse.

“A straight forward grant to everyone right now, to cover immediate losses to take the pressure off is what’s needed.

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“I really don’t understand why it’s possible to offer a £10k no-questions-asked-grant for small businesses with premises, yet the Chancellor’s only concerns for the self-employed is this risk of a small segment earning too much!

“They’ve moved thousands of people off benefits over the years into self-employment to help their employment figures and now they’re being completely abandoned.

“It’s shameful. For five million people and their families, this is a crushing blow.”

It should be noted that while the government has been slow to help the self-employed help is on the way.


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When asked in the commons about the five million self-employed workers currently struggling in the UK, Mr Sunak detailed that he was “determined to find a way to support them”.

On top of this, he said that he was looking at the issue with “immense detail and at pace”.

A solution is actively being worked on within the government.

A proposed amendment suggests that workers could receive payments of up to 80 percent of their monthly net earnings averaged over the last three years

This suggestion was proposed by the Liberal Democrats and while nothing has been confirmed so far, it is highly likely that something similar will be announced in the coming days.

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has been actively engaging with government representatives on this.

While he explained that no specifics have been revealed to him, he has received confirmation that the government will be announcing support in the coming days.

In a video posted to his Twitter, which was later repeated on Good Morning Britain, Martin confirmed that the government will be laying out their plan for the self-employed by the end of this week.

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