Stacey Solomon makes heartwarming Christmas decoration for ‘special lady in our lives’

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Stacey Solomon, an ITV Loose Women panellist and Instagram sensation, has garnered a huge following. The 31-year-old, who has a whopping 3.8 million followers on Instagram, often uses the site to share some of her home creations. Recently, she has taken to sharing her homemade Christmas decorations with the online community.

Yesterday was no exception as the mum-of-three took to the platform to create an “emotional” Christmas decoration “for the specialist lady in our lives”. (sic)

Stacey made a Christmas tree out of “sticks” and twigs” on a canvas.

She lined them up with the smallest in length at the top down to the longest at the bottom.

She then wrapped some battery lights around the length of each stick.

Stacey glued the sticks down onto the canvas before gluing the battery pack from the lights at the back of the canvas.

She finished the Christmas tree by spraying it with fake snow to give it a wintery finish.

Stacey also stuck a star above the stick at the top of the “tree”.

The Loose Women star then stated the finished look which resembled a Nordic-style Christmas tree illuminated with lights.

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She said on her Instagram story: “Making something for the specialist lady in our lives.” (sic)

She continued: “We know how much you love the forest and haven’t been able to see it for a long time.

“I hope this brings you some comforts and some Christmas happiness to where you are, hopefully we can come and see you soon. We miss you so much.”

In her final story she added: “It’s making me emotional.

“I know how much she’ll love it.”

Stacey doesn’t reveal who the decoration is for but earlier this year she opened up about how she missed her mum during England’s first lockdown as she couldn’t see her.

England’s second lockdown, which is due to end on December 2, also means that households can’t mix.

It’s likely that the heartwarming decoration is dedicated to her.

In other Instagram stories, users often get a glimpse inside Stacey’s stunning home.

One room that Stacey always mentions is her “pink room” which she uses for laundry.

Her “pink room” includes pink cleaning products, pink cupboard doors, pink soaps, flowers, Christmas decorations and more.

Stacey recently used pink pampas grass to make a miniature Christmas tree for the “pink room”.

She hung the grass upside down, tied them together and then sprayed them with fake snow.

She then secured a fairy on the top to resemble an angel.

Stacey’s DIY Christmas decoration can be made for as little as £3.

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