Sci-fi Android phone of the future has a 10-INCH screen and folds over twice

A BIZARRE concept smartphone that folds over on itself twice could give us a glimpse at the future of mobiles.

Handsets these days all generally look the same – but Chinese firm TCL has mocked up a sci-fi cell of the future.

It's getting increasingly tough to invent new smartphone features or revolutionise their design.

That's bad news for phone makers who still want you to upgrade every few years.

So smartphone firms like Samsung, Huawei and Motorola have begun releasing tablets that fold in half down to smartphone size.

Now TV brand TCL has created a concept device that folds over on itself twice.

The handset runs on Google's Android – just like all other foldable phones to date.

This foldable design isn't just a gimmick.

It gives the handset a 6.65-inch screen in phone mode, and a mammoth 10-inch display as a tablet.

That's the key advantage of foldable phones: portability.

Screen sizes on smartphones have ballooned in recent years, as we obsess over pretty Instagram photos and Netflix movies.

But it's not realistic to ask someone to squeeze an 8-inch or 9-inch display into their pocket or purse.

By building hinges into a phone, you can offer a huge tablet-sized screen while still keeping the handset pocketable.

The downside is that the phone is thicker – but foldable handsets will inevitably slim down in the years to come.

These foldable phones are also very expensive, typically costing thousands per device.

And building them is also fraught with disaster: Samsung, Huawei and Motorola have all received complaints over "shoddy" design.

Eventually high-quality handsets that look like TCL's concept mobile could become a reality.

The bad news is that TCL hasn't confirmed whether this phone will ever be sold.

Instead, it seems designed to give us a glimpse of what to come with phone models of the future.

In other news, Huawei's Mate Xs foldable phone costs thousands.

A bizarre foldable Microsoft "tablet phone" with two huge screens has been spotted in public.

And here's what a foldable iPhone could look like.

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