Rush Limbaugh's show felt like a 'one-on-one conversation': Buck Sexton

Rush Limbaugh paved the way for new, younger conservative voices

Radio host and former Limbaugh sub-host Buck Sexton and District Media Group president Beverly Hallberg react on ‘Fox News Primetime’

Following the passing of radio titan Rush Limbaugh, his onetime substitute host Buck Sexton, now a talk show host in his own right, joined media company president Beverly Hallberg to reflect on the life of “America’s Anchorman.”

Sexton told “Fox News Primetime” that Limbaugh was on an entirely different level from most AM radio hosts due to the extent to which he connected with his listeners.

“He was just honestly a different league,” said Sexton. “Everybody in the radio business knows that. We speak about it in kind of in these tones of just, ‘That is the way it is.’

“I think one thing that Rush could do is make millions of people across the country feel like he was having a one-to-one conversation with them. Which is amazing if you think about it. He was an educator and advocate and leader, a professor of sorts but also a friend. But he was a trusted voice for people.”

Sexton added that Limbaugh was often the go-to voice for people, especially conservatives, whenever they thought America was going in the wrong direction or were concerned about their future.

“He was there for people, especially when there were many days that they felt like the country wasn’t go way they wanted or they needed that voice. And his ability to both connect and explain was unparalleled.”

Hallberg said that she could not recall a time when she didn’t know about or listen to Limbaugh.

“I never met him personally but I felt like I knew him because he was part of my life, day after day, year after year, and decade after decade and even to this day. What is astonishing about what he was able to do is it was multigenerational …”

“Not only was he able to distill technical policy issues like welfare and tax policy to make it easy to understand, he was able to do that in an entertaining way,” she added.

When asked by Campos-Duffy who might take his place in conservative talk radio, Sexton simply replied, “There is only one Rush.”

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