Quick and easy ways to add value to your property while you’re stuck indoors

While those wanting to sell their home may feel frustrated with the way the virus has affected the economy and the housing market, the lockdown does provide an opportunity to maximise the value of your home. Putting your time indoors to good use could pay off later down the line. 


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Building work may be on hold and materials might be limited as shops remain closed, but there are plenty of things you can do while you’re stuck at home to make your property more appealing to prospective buyers. 

Giving it a fresh look and getting rid of things you no longer need could make all the difference in boosting its saleability when the market picks back up. 

After all, while you may be in a rush to sell, there are going to be just as many homebuyers who are waiting impatiently to find their dream home – and now you’ve got the spare time to make yours look even better. 

It doesn’t have to be expensive either; a few small and cheap changes could prepare your home for a speedier sale when the lockdown is over. 

NAEA Propertymark, the UK’s leading professional body for estate agents, has offered advice for anyone looking to add value to their home while they’re abiding by the government guidelines for social distancing. 

Mark Hayward, Chief Executive, NAEA Propertymark commented: “While being unable to list your house at the moment may be frustrating, the extra time you’re spending at home makes now a great time to take some simple steps and get your property into its most valuable condition for when the market picks back up.”

The low-cost tips are all about making your home as attractive as possible to increase its sale price. 

Here’s what the experts recommend if you want to increase the worth of your home. 

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Give it a paint job

Freshly painted walls both inside and out can make a huge difference to that new-home feeling that buyers are looking for. 

If you can get it safely delivered during the lockdown, now is the perfect time to don your overalls and give rooms a lick of paint, or even to brush up the outside window frames to make everything look neat. 

Declutter busy rooms

If you’re planning to move in the near future then decluttering now will make packing much easier later – but it’s important to keep rooms as clear as possible for viewings too. 

Buyers will want to see the space in order to assess its value – something that’s hard to do if it’s cramped with belongings. 

Use this time indoors to reorganise and have a clear out, but be mindful of reduced bin collections and tip closures during the lockdown. 

You may have to keep some in storage, in the loft for instance if you have one, until you can fully get rid of the stuff you no longer need. However, if you do have loft space, don’t forget it could be worth highlighting the space in itself. The property experts suggest not cluttering it up too much so that any potential for future planning permission is clear. 


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Revamp your kitchen 

As the heart of the home, the kitchen can ‘make or break a sale’ according to NAEA Propertymark. 

As well as giving the whole room a deep clean – something everyone is doing at the moment to keep the coronavirus at bay – you might be able to give it a makeover with just a few tweaks. 

“Consider painting any old or worn cupboards as this will transform the space without you having to fork out on replacing cabinets or having to wait to hire a handyman,” the team advises. 

Brighter rooms are more appealing too; if natural light is scarce, consider switching up your lightbulbs to help highlight your new space. 

Pay attention to detail 

It’s the little things that can make a big difference to your home’s first impressions. 

Prospective buyers will pay close attention to windows, so make sure they’re fresh and clean and generally in good condition. 

It’s also worth making sure you fix any squeaking doors, making sure the kitchen and bathroom are mould-free and giving the floors a wash before a viewing. 

The team also suggest taking time to research the nitty gritty details that buyers might be looking for. “Gather together all relevant information on the property and local area that certain buyers may be interested in, while you have the time to do a little digging. This could include sourcing quotes on renewable energy so that you can easily provide the details to interested parties, or researching local school ratings so that you have all the answers during future viewings.”

Tidy up outdoors

If you’re lucky enough to have outside space, double up your daily exercise with a bit of DIY and give your garden or balcony a bit of preening. 

A well-kept garden will add instant wow-factor to a home so you want to show it in its best light. 

“Plant pots will give your garden a splash of colour, and setting up any outdoor furniture – like table and chairs, a BBQ, sun loungers or even a fire pit – can give future buyers a sense of what it’d be like to own your garden,” says NAEA Propertymark. 

Be sure to tidy anything at the front of the house too – fix the fence and make sure the path or driveway is clear so your potential buyers are impressed straight away. 


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