Property DIY hacks to save you £11,200 – what can you do?

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Failing to properly maintain a property can result in thousands of pounds. So, what preventative measures can be taken to ensure your home is ready for the winter? Experts have shared the cheap hacks to help homeowners get £11,271.80 of improvements for just £219.20.

It is important to have a boiler serviced before the colder temperatures set in. 

According to MyToolShed, a boiler repair typically costs around £220. 

However, a new boiler could cost around £2,700, so it’s worth appointing a professional to service the heating system to ensure it is properly maintained.

A boiler service typically costs £60, so homeowners could potentially be saving £2,640 if any preventative problems are identified during a maintenance check.

Insulating pipes

Ensuring household pipes are properly insulated is crucial in preventing them from freezing or bursting.

Experts at MyToolShed advised wrapping insulation around bathroom and kitchen pipes.

Insulation should also be applied to pipes in garages and any rooms which tend to get colder or are not as well insulated.

Insulating pipes before the colder temperatures set in will cost around £20.

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he potential cost of repair work on burst pipes could amount to £7,500. 

Repairing large gaps

It’s worth checking windows and doors in the house are well sealed to ensure the home is properly insulated and is not losing heat through any undetected gaps.

Cracks discovered in window frames or around doors can be covered over using a sealant.

It is best to carry out any repair work before the conditions get worse and result in more costly work.

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Replacing a new window frame could cost around £291.

However, applying sealant to prevent further repair work costs just £4.20.

Clearing gutters

 Autumn is an ideal time for clearing gutters.

A professional can be appointed to clear the gutters and carry out a maintenance check to ensure there are no blockages of damaged drain pipes.

The service could cost around £135.

According MyToolShed, the cost of water damage caused by poorly maintained drain pipes could amount to £1000.

However, if a £135 maintenance check is carried out, homeowners could potentially save £865.

It is also worth clearing away any fallen debris from the garden or driveway to prevent drain pipes from becoming blocked.

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