Premium Bonds login down – NS&I on what to do if you need to access account straight away

This week, many people will no doubt be looking to check to see whether they’ve won a prize in the April 2020 Premium Bonds prize draw. However, it seems that “technical issues” with the NS&I website has led to difficulty for some NS&I savers today.


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Writing on Twitter, one person penned: “Got an email to say I’ve won something on the premium bonds. the @nsandi website appears to be down so I can’t check how much. I am currenty schrodingers millionaire.”

Another tweeted: “OK so I have had a ‘you’re a winner’ email from the Premium Bonds lot.

“NS&I website is down. I know I haven’t won £1m (can see location of £1m winners). So how much should I theoretically trade my unknown win for? £25.01? £30?”

Meanwhile, a third person was left concerned that by clicking on the link they had been targeted by a scammer.

They wrote: “I got an email today with a link saying there was a secure message from you. I foolishly clicked on the link in the email! And now I cannot log into the online site.

“And am worried it was a fraudulant email. Are you seeing phishing emails about NS&I premium bonds?”

However, despite concerns, NS&I confirmed that there had been “technical issues”.

Responding via the verified @nsandihelp Twitter account, they told worried Twitter users: “We are currently experiencing technical issues with our website and we are investigating into this. Please try again later. I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.”

Another Twitter user contacted NS&I in order to find out when the login will be working.

And, while the government-backed savings bank said there is currently not an estimated time for the problem to be resolved, they did share some insight into what those who needed urgent access to their account should do.

“We don’t currently have an estimated time for when our site will be up and running, but our technical team are looking into this as we speak.

“In the meantime, if you need to access your account straight away, you can call us on 08085 007 007,” the @nsandihelp tweet read.


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NS&I has told it is currently experiencing some technical issues with the website at the moment.

NS&I has assured that the technical team are working hard to resolve this.

Earlier this week, NS&I urged customers to go online to if they needed help to manage their savings during the coronavirus pandemic, in an effort to free up phone lines for those who need to access it most at this time.

The savings bank explained it is currently receiving more calls than usual and it is taking longer than normal to help customers.

Additionally, customers have been told they should also only send NS&I anything by post if they have no other choice.

NS&I said customers registered for online and phone service can use to:

  • Check their balances
  • Pay money in or take money out
  • Choose to have any Premium Bonds prizes paid to their bank account
  • Transfer money between NS&I accounts
  • Provide instructions for when a fixed term investment matures
  • Update personal details.

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