Premium Bonds April 2020: How to check if you’ve won the jackpot

At the beginning of every month, NS&I announce their monthly prize draw winners. This April there were two top prizes of £1million, meaning two lucky winners have become millionaires overnight. 

March 2020 winning numbers

March’s first Premium Bonds millionaire is a man based in Hertfordshire.

The winning bond number is 239CV516628 and was purchased in January 2015.

He has a total of £40,000 in Premium Bonds.

The second winner is a woman from Essex.

The winning Bond number is 293GZ540034.


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The Bond was purchased three years ago, in January 2017.

She has a total of £50,000 in Premium Bonds.

If you’ve missed out on the £1million prize draw this time around, you could still be a winner!

In April more than 3.5 million prizes will be paid out to the winners.

To check if you’re a winner, the prize checker is usually updated by the second working day of each month, so visit the NS&I website HERE.

Has coronavirus impacted Premium Bonds?

The NS&I website says its still “business as usual” for the Premium Bonds prize draw.

NS&I will still be paying out prizes every month as normal.

However if you need to get in touch, the company recommend you “do everything you can online” if you are registered for online services.

Only call them if “you absolutely have to”, as their customer service teams are smaller than usual due to the coronavirus outbreak.


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If you are already registered for the online service, you can choose to have any Premium Bonds paid directly to your bank account.

NS&I state on their website: “We haven’t got as many of our customer service team available as usual, so we can’t offer our full range of services at the moment.

“Our top priority is to help customers who need to take money out or pay money in.

“Everything else will take longer than usual.”

If you’re already registered for the online service, you can:

  • check your balance
  • take money out or pay it in
  • choose to have any Premium Bonds prizes paid to your bank account
  • transfer between your NS&I accounts
  • give us instructions when a fixed term investment matures
  • update your personal details

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