Popular vintage motors on sale at the Goodwood Revival car festival

THIS weekend there’s only one place to be if, like me, vintage cars get your heart pumping.

The Goodwood Revival is one of Britain’s great car festivals.

On the track, frontline drivers and celebrities race great post-war cars wheel-to-wheel. Goodwood is unique because the whole place is a time-warp.

Punters dress up in retro (or actually old) clothes, and there’s a car boot sale and nostalgic high street.

Anyone arriving in a classic car gets a priority space at the front of the car parks.

They are full of six-figure wheels. Still, to turn dream to reality we’ve got a selection of popular classics.

Each can be had for the price of a new family hatch.

OK, they’ll cost more than that to run. But they won’t depreciate if you look after them.

And you’ll get a smile wherever you go.

Triumph TR6 1968-76

AMONG trad British roadsters, the TR6 is a nicer, more sophisticated alternative to the obvious MGB.

Its style was actually the work of continental designers. Best bit is the engine, a muscular straight-six 2.5-litre job.

Parts and upgrades support is superb.

Pay £20k-£30k, plus a visit to a tailor for a tweed jacket and cap.

Citroen DS 1955-75

AN insanely beautiful saloon, with a reputation for insane complication and trouble.

But if you find a sorted one – possible with post-1968 cars – it’ll have a magically smooth ride and offer plenty of room to take your friends on stylish outings.

Good ones start about £25k.

Mini 1959-2000

SOMEONE in your family had one. Even base-model Minis are a hoot to drive, with instant steering like a dodgem.

Real Mini Cooper S’s were world-beating racers, but are £35k-plus now.

Lots of ordinary Minis have been hotted up, so if you’re not obsessed with originality that could be the way.

Mercedes W123 Coupe 1977-86

THIS is the coupe version of Merc’s tough and luxurious saloon of the era. It manages to look just rakish enough.

Not a sports car but so safe you can persuade your better half the kids can go in the back.

You’ll need £20k for something in proper nick.

Alfa Spider 1966-94

IN The Graduate, the Spider managed to compete with Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman for my attention.

That was an early round-tail one. In 1970, they got a neat chopped tail. Lovely engine, sweet gearbox and fine steering.

Many are left-hand drive, £20k gets a good one.

VW Golf GTI 1976-83

WHEN Volkswagen souped up the unsuspecting Golf, it made Seventies sports cars obsolete.

Then as now, the GTI was fast, reliable, handled well and was perfectly practical. Started the hot-hatch craze.

But not many were sold in the early years and many have been modded, so they’re hard to find.

You will end up paying near £30k for a decent one.

  • For Goodwood Revival tickets, Sept 17-19, go to goodwood.com.

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