On Fox Fauci Said Correcting Trump's Lies Is What Did Him in With the Right Wing

Anthony Fauci said the truth is what did him in with the bomb-throwers on the right because he dared to contradict a lying president during the height of a global pandemic.

During a Friday interview on Fox News, the White House’s chief medical adviser was asked about the recent attacks from bloviating Republicans in Congress who have tried to discredit him, accusing him of hiding details regarding a still unproven theory that Covid-19 was either purposely developed or was accidentally leaked from a lab in China. Fauci’s detractors in Congress—all Trump sycophants on the far right—have also accused him of lying about the reason the U.S. sent funding to China’s Wuhan lab.

But Fauci said it was the fact that he was honest and had to correct Trump’s lies that ultimately caused the MAGA crowd to attack him.

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“I think there’s no doubt that because I had to speak the truth during the Trump administration, which at times was contrary to president Trump, that annoyed a lot of people who got very upset with me,” Fauci said.

Fauci has stated that he has an open mind regarding the origins of Covid, but that didn’t stop Republican Sen. Rand Paul from calling him a liar during a heated exchange at a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

And, as mentioned in the Fox interview, freshman Rep. Madison Cawthorn, (R-NC) called Fauci a “punk” this week, saying that if the GOP regains control of the House in 2022, Fauci should be investigated. “We want to prosecute this guy to the full ability of the law,” Cawthorn said.

Fauci told Fox that he doesn’t like how “contentious” this has become and called Cawthorn’s accusations baseless.

“I mean, and when a congressman makes a statement—I forgot what it was—that if they take over the House in 2022, I should be criminally investigated. On what basis is he making that comment?” Fauci asked incredulously, adding, “Where do you come off about talking about criminal things?”

Fauci said he never meant to “annoy Trump loyalists” and that he’s “sorry” that he did. But he has no regrets.

“When I was saying things that [Covid-19] is not going to just disappear, that this is not going to just go away, that we do have a very serious problem, that annoyed a lot of Trump loyalists. I’m very sorry that it annoyed them. But it is the truth. And that’s what I was trying to do and still do, is to tell the truth,” Fauci said.

“Any regrets?” the Fox host asked.

“I never have a regret about telling the truth or about doing my job,” the doctor replied.

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