Nationwide issues £60 apology but not everyone seems to be eligible ‘Ruined Christmas!’

Nationwide issues warning about 'cash trapping' at ATMs

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Over the past few weeks Nationwide customers have been slammed by online banking and payment delays or errors on three separate occasions. In an attempt to correct their wrongs, Nationwide has issued a £60 apology to those that have been affected, but many have complained that this is simply not enough.

While the compensation was not widely publicised, angry customers took to social media to share their frustration at receiving so little for such a big inconvenience.

Callan Kerr was one such customer, tweeting: “@AskNationwide £60 apology for ruining Christmas? Leaving me stranded at the checkout whilst not getting access to my own money? £60? An absolute disgrace, and I can safely bet £60 I’m not the only one.”(sic)

It appears some customers who had been greatly affected had not received the apology at all.

Twitter user Sophie Crote shared: “I was affected by this as I was also unable to receive my money that was to feed my children!”

In December, customers were dismayed to find out that they could not receive or transfer funds the week before Christmas. 

This created havoc for those doing their Christmas dinner shopping, expecting their Christmas bonuses or trying to pay bills.

Again on Tuesday January 4, inbound payments were delayed and while January is known as a financially difficult month, this issue made it impossible for some to pay their normal direct debits and standing orders.

Nationwide has taken full responsibility of these issues, stating on their website: “We understand the inconvenience these delays caused for our members. We take complete ownership for this, and we’re very sorry.”

They continue to note that the affected members will receive “a payment to cover any charges or inconvenience incurred”. 

Nationwide has reported that those who were affected should receive a letter and text message, if they have provided a mobile number to the building society, with further information on the payment. 

They also advised customers to log into their internet banking or banking app and double check that any direct debits or standing orders they were due to pay have gone through. 

Customers who note a missing payment are advised to contact the company they owe and explain the situation.

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