MSNBC's McCaskill says 'painful' truth out loud: Fleeing Texas Democrats used GOP-like filibuster tactics

Texas House Democrats flee to DC amid voting debate

White House correspondent Peter Doocy reports from Philadelphia on the fight over voting laws

Former Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill caught MSNBC host Nicole Wallace off guard during a segment on the liberal network Monday when she admitted that the Texas Democratic lawmakers who fled the state to prevent Republicans from passing a voting bill were employing the same filibuster-type tactics Democrats seek to abolish.

The current MSNBC analyst deviated from the network’s fawning coverage of the Texas walkout late Monday, acknowledging that her perception of the Democrats’ ‘hide and seek’ strategy may be “painful” for far-left viewers to hear. 

“I know this is painful for people to hear, but the minority in Texas is using a procedure to block what they’re trying to do in Texas, just as the minority in the Senate is using a procedure to try to block what the Democrats are trying to do in Washington,” she said. “Except, it’s a much closer body in Washington. It’s 50/50.”

Texas state lawmakers fled the state for Washington in an effort to shut down a special session where Texas Republicans seek to pass new sweeping election laws that Democrats say will make it harder to vote. The U.S. House already passed the Democrats’ sweeping election reform bill, but Senate Republicans in June filibustered the election and campaign finance reforms they panned as a partisan power grab.

The legislation needed 60 votes to advance in the Senate, but with Democrats holding only 50 seats, Republicans blocked the bill. Still, certain Democrats have remained steadfast in their opposition to eliminating the filibuster altogether, such as Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona

Former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele lauded the Texas Democrats during the MSNBC segment for “doing their part” and “stepping up.”

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