MSNBC continues war against critics of CRT, invites professor to compare anti-CRT laws to authoritarianism

Media top headlines July 12

The New York Times getting ripped for equating ‘freedom’ to an ‘anti-government slogan,’ Gov. Kristi Noem saying it was ‘tough’ being attacked by conservative media over trans-athlete bill, and MSNBC giving Michael Avenatti’s prison sentence less than 2 minutes of coverage round out today’s top media headlines

MSNBC continued its war on those fighting against teaching critical race theory (CRT) in schools, with a guest last week comparing laws against it to authoritarian “memory laws.”

Appearing Friday on “The ReidOut,” Yale University professor Timothy Snyder doubled down on his previous comparison of laws being passed across the country opposing critical race theory to Russian “memory laws,” which he wrote about in The New York Times Magazine. 

“When I saw these laws passed in the United States, and these laws discussed, I was reminded … of things we’ve seen in eastern Europe, and particularly in Russia,” Snyder told far-left host Joy Reid, a fierce critic of CRT opponents. “The basic idea of a memory law is to make governing very easy for authoritarian regimes because it puts everything into the past and it caters to the emotions of a majority.”

“So you teach the population and you raise the children to think that the past is just there to make you feel good and then the future goes away,” he added. “And then everyone lacks the facts that they need to become aware citizens. Citizenship becomes impossible because you can only be a good citizen if you know the truths, especially the difficult truths, about your own country. And you can only raise people to be citizens if you educate them in such a way, that they’re looking for those difficult truths so that when they grow up they’ll know how to challenge power.”

Reid appeared to agree with Snyder’s assessment and suggested the language of anti-CRT laws would bar the teaching of Jim Crow laws because they were “done by White people,” and it would “make White kids feel uncomfortable.”

Snyder referred to anti-CRT laws as “censorship laws,” claimed teachers would have to “self-censor” under them, and predicted that students would suffer in their learning because teachers would “teach worse.” He then argued that anti-CRT laws “prove” critical race theory is true. 

“These laws prove that critical race theory is true … Because the people who are passing these laws are saying no we’re not racist … But obviously they’re aiming at the concept of racism which only makes sense to White people, which is that racism is only about feeling discomfort,” he said. “I’m sad to say this, but that’s not a concept of racism that can make any sense to anybody who is not White in this country.”

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