Millions will leave Christmas trees up until end of January – to hang on to festive season

Wilko bring 'Christmas cheer’ to six deserving families

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And one in 20 fully intend to leave the lights on and baubles hanging on their trees until the end of the month.

It emerged 88 percent of adults will put up two trees in the home this year – which means 4,176,377 will be left standing across the nation.

Of those who choose to leave up their decorations, one in five love how pretty they look, and 11 percent say their home feels nicer – with only 16 percent planning to take down their tree by New Year’s Eve.

The research was commissioned by wilko as part of its Bring Christmas Home competition, to find six deserving families and causes that needed some extra special festive cheer this year.

The search was conducted with help from the retailer’s three charity partners – Alzheimer’s Society, Save the Children and Teenage Cancer Trust, who together form the Together for Families programme.

Jerome Saint-Marc, CEO at wilko, said: “There’s no harm in keeping the Christmas spirit alive for as long as possible, given how much time we spend buying, wrapping, and preparing our decorations around the home.

“Even after the 12th day has passed, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep the decorations up and make the most of them.”

Even after the 12th day has passed, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep the decorations up and make the most of them

Jerome Saint-Marc, wilko CEO

The study also found nearly half of adults (43 percent) who put up decorations for Christmas believe leaving them around the home beyond 6th January will lead to bad luck.

However, 77 percent believe decorations are a huge contributor to the festive season, with 22 percent “simply obsessed” with Christmas as a whole.

Of those who decorate their home, 39 percent plan to buy their tinsel, baubles, artificial trees and lights in the Boxing Day and 2022 January sales to prepare early for the next festive season.

Key reasons for the decision to spend early include lower prices (60 percent), enjoying a bargain (57 percent) and trying to do everything on a budget (31 percent).

While a fifth of those planning to shop early always like to prepare for Christmas 12 months in advance.

It emerged four in ten adults always go all out to ensure Christmas is brilliant for their loved ones, with 43 percent admitting it is their favourite time of the year.

As many as six in ten adults simply enjoy the food, while 51 percent like seeing family and friends.

Other things that make Christmas special include getting presents from others, singing songs and putting up the decorations.

But there are high anticipations to deliver a good Christmas this year, with 39 percent admitting there is more pressure to make it extra special.

And four in ten of those polled, via OnePoll, find it difficult to afford Christmas in general, but will do the best they can with the money they have.

Jerome Saint-Marc added: “There are so many things to enjoy about Christmas – from the food and presents, right the way through to the decorations.

“But it can be high pressured, especially when trying to make this season extra special after so many celebrations were postponed or cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic.

“That’s why we set up the Bring Home Christmas competition to help six deserving, hardworking families and causes ensure they have all the essentials – along with a few little wins – they need in order to organise a great Christmas with their loved ones.”

For more information on wilko’s Together for Families programme, including how to donate to its three charity partners, please visit the website.

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