Millions of pounds left unclaimed from Premium Bonds prizes – check how much you’ve won

Martin Lewis gives updated advice on premium bonds

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Recent figures from National Savings and Investment (NS&I) have revealed that two million prizes have yet to be claimed by their corresponding winners. This sum total of the prizes combined comes to a staggering £74million, according to the Government-backed savings institution. In response to this issue, NS&I is calling on anyone with Bonds to reach out and check if they have potentially won a large amount of cash.

NS&I reports that the unclaimed prizes include five worth £100,000 and nine which are priced at £50,000.

As of November 2021, the institution says the exact number of unclaimed bonds prizes comes to a total of 2,079,568 worth a total of £74,452,325.

Those who live in the south east of England or in London are more likely to be recipients of a Premium Bonds prize as over 700,000 remain not claimed.

In Scotland, there are currently over 120,000 unclaimed prizes while around 82,000 still need to be claimed in Wales.

Winners are usually notified by NS&I via text, email or post so potentially communication can be lost or missed by the bondholder.

Alternatively, potential winners can check their bonds on the NS&I website by logging into their account.

To log on, NS&I customers will need to have their number, surname and account password on hand.

There is also a prize checker tool available to Premium Bonds holders which can be accessed using the holder’s bonds number.

NS&I’s prize checker app is also an option and is available to download on Google Play and the App Store.

If someone loses their holder’s number or account information, they are able to phone NS&I on 08085 007 007 or write to it and ask for a replacement bond record to be sent over to them.

Helen Saxon of outlined how the NS&I conscious effort to get people to claim prizes is a welcome one.

Ms Saxon said: “The headline figure of £74million is eye-catching, and hopefully it will serve as a kick up the backside for those who haven’t checked in a while whether they’ve won.

“Many people find the months leading up to Christmas play havoc with their finances, so it’s an ideal time of year to see if you’re due a windfall.

“For some due larger prizes, these really are life-changing amounts of money. So check now and remember (with apologies to the lottery) it could be you.”

On its website, NS&I states: “We contact everyone when they win a Premium Bonds prize. But sometimes the good news doesn’t arrive.

“This might be because you’ve moved and you haven’t told us, you’ve changed some of your personal details or our letter went astray in the post.

“You never need to worry about an unclaimed prize. We’ll hold on to it until you get in touch with us. And there’s no time limit to make your claim.

“Just log in to view your prize history, or use our prize checker to see if you have any prizes you don’t know about yet.”

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