Media fawns over Biden's 'beautiful' address to Congress: 'Astonishing' how his presidency 'changed' lives

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Members of the media showered President Biden with praise for his first joint address to Congress on Wednesday night. 

“Hearing it all laid out, it’s pretty astonishing how much has tangibly changed in Americans’ lives in the first 100 days of this presidency,” Time correspondent Charlotte Alter reacted. “More than a million new jobs. $1400 checks. And most importantly, vaccines now available to every American.” 

“It’s honestly genuinely rare that a President can give a speech like this 99 days into his term and point to this scale of achievement,” MSNBC host Chris Hayes similarly tweeted. “Some of that is the good luck of timing, but they’ve made promises, and then kept them on the biggest stuff they ran on.”

Hayes continued, “Again, some of this is good timing, but the jobs numbers he’s touting now are actually unprecedented. And lots of the criticism on the right/business press is that the economy is growing too fast!”

CNN White House correspondent John Harwood was one of Biden’s biggest cheerleaders on Twitter. 

“Veterans, single moms, poor kids, those suddenly without jobs and health care, Biden grounding his speech in plain, non-political, non-ideological language invoking the people he wants to help,” Harwood live-tweeted the speech. 

“Much different rhetorical style from recent predecessors,” Harwood later wrote, “no showmanship, poetry, lyricism, lip-biting emotion direct, conversational, under-stated.”

Harwood’s colleague, CNN star “fact-checker” Daniel Dale, appeared to dismiss one of Biden’s more overt falsehoods from the speech as an “ad-lib.” 

“Biden’s ‘I traveled over 17,000 miles with’ Xi Jinping claim is extremely inaccurate, as WaPo has shown. He’s spent a lot of time with Xi, but that ‘miles’ number is very false. That was an ad-lib; Biden’s text has been very factual, but he just started talkin’ for a second,” Dale tweeted. 

The Washington Post previously gave Biden “three Pinocchios” for that claim. 

NBC’s go-to “presidential historian” Michael Beschloss agreed with Biden when he invoked the Civil War while alluding to the Capitol Hill riot on Jan. 6.


“Joe Biden is absolutely correct in saying tonight that January 6 was ‘the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War,'” Beschloss wrote. 

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell called it a “remarkable” speech and praised Biden’s “passion” for things like human rights. 

CNN commentator Van Jones called Biden’s speech “beautiful” and argued that he was selling “positive populism.”

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams told his colleagues, “His use of voice modulation was rather extraordinary.”

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