Media bias in Trump era 'more extreme' than we've ever seen: Karl Rove

Big Tech has shown a ‘consistent hostility’ towards the center-right: Karl Rove

Fox News contributor Karl Rove reacts to Trump blasting the media and Big Tech for being ‘massively corrupt.’

Fox News contributor Karl Rove said Big Tech showed a "consistent hostility" to conservatives on Monday, as voices from both sides of the aisle look to rein in the powerful industry.

"There are very real concerns that these media firms, which are dominated by people who are from the center left, and some of them very far left, consciously censor conservative content and are hostile to conservative voices," Rove said on "America's Newsroom."

"What we've got here is a consistent hostility to the center right. It's not just the president."

Despite the liberal lean of Big Tech giants like Twitter, Facebook and Google, the companies have found themselves in bipartisan crosshairs. While Republicans have focused on what they deem unfair treatment of conservatives, Democrats have grilled the companies over not clamping down enough on what they consider misinformation.

A recent Media Research Center analysis showed Twitter flagged 100 of President Trump's tweets with warning labels about misinformation between Nov. 2 and Nov. 16, compared to zero warnings for President-elect Joe Biden.

"There is potentially bias there," Rove said, noting that people deserve at times to be sanctioned for propagating falsehoods.

Twitter has repeatedly flagged Trump's claims about the election being stolen from him as inaccurate or baseless. Thus far, Trump's legal challenges alleging fraud in battleground states he lost to Biden have been unsuccessful.

Trump called Big Tech and the mainstream media "massively corrupt" during a Fox News interview on Sunday as he continues to insist voter fraud cost him the election. 

Rove added media bias in the Trump era was "more extreme than it has ever been in our lifetimes."


"The animosity, the hostility towards the president and his party are enormous, and not only just at the president and his party, but at the voters who supported him," Rove said.

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