Martin Lewis reveals how some people over state pension age could get Council Tax discount

Council Tax is set to rise by four percent in more than 130 councils in England on April 1, with increases expected in many councils across Wales and Scotland too. On a typical band D property, the rise could amount to an additional £70 a year on one’s outgoings. Ahead of the changes, Martin Lewis has pointed out that some people may be able to reduce their bill.


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This includes reminding some people that they may be able to get a discount on they bill.

Among the discounts he highlighted, was the Council Tax Reduction – something which was previously called Council Tax Benefit.

This is something a person may be able to get if they’re on a low income to they receive certain benefits.

This could include people who claim Pension Credit – an income-related payment which those of state pension age may be able to get.

Addressing people who may be on a low income or claiming Pension Credit, Mr Lewis has said on the topic: “If living alone and on Pension Credit, or if you’re on low income and don’t have much in savings you may be able to receive council tax support.

“It varies depending on the council so contact them to see if you’re eligible.”

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has said that the easiest and quickest way to apply for Pension Credit is by phone.

The website’s “Apply for Council Tax Reduction” section explains that an eligible person can apply to their local council for Council Tax Reduction.


It’s sometimes called Council Tax Support, and a person could get a discount on their bill if they’re eligible.

The government website states that a person could be eligible if they’re on a low income or claim benefits, and the bill could be reduced by up to 100 percent.

A person could apply if they own their own home, they rent, are unemployed, or working.

The discount a person gets will depend on a number of factors.


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This includes:

  • Where a person lives – each council runs its own scheme
  • Their circumstances (eg income, number of children, benefits, residency status)
  • Household income – this includes savings, pensions and their partner’s income
  • If their children live with them
  • If other adults live with them.

Other people may be entitled to discounts, such as if they’re living alone or with a student.

Mr Lewis has said: “If you live alone you’re entitled to a 25 percent single person’s discount.

“And this also applies if you live with someone who is ‘disregarded’ for council tax (e.g. someone with a severe mental impairment as mentioned above) and also students are disregarded too (all-student households pay nothing).

“Anyone aged 17 or under is disregarded too.”

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