Martin Lewis: Insight on claiming Universal Credit and self-employed grants together

Martin Lewis appeared via video chat to help as many people as possible during his short appearance. He covered many topics such as if cash is safe in banks at the moment and what charitable projects are on at the moment.


  • Martin Lewis on what Self Employed Income Support is amid coronavirus

For many though, the Money Saving Expert’s advice for the self-employed will take priority at the moment.

Yesterday, Rishi Sunak announced a new support package for self-employed workers.

This will be welcome but recent advice from various bodies has detailed that self-employed people should apply for Universal Credit if they’re struggling.

One person wrote in to ask if it’s now possible to both claim Universal Credit and receive one of the new grants.

Martin’s response couldn’t have been clearer: “Yes absolutely”

He went on to detail that it is actually advisable to do so as the grants will not come through until June.

As Martin explained: “Because it’s not coming till June, apply for Universal Credit.

“If you’re self-employed there’s no income requirement, it’s just if you’ve got less than £16,000 of savings.”

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