Liberal reporters declare victory for alarmists after Texas abortion law

Media top headlines September 2

In media news today, Chris Hayes downplays Biden’s phone call with ex-Afghanistan president Ghani, ex-CBS anchor Dan Rather gets crushed for tweet comparing pro-lifers to the Taliban, and an MSNBC analyst likens the Texas abortion law to slavery

Liberal reporters declared victory on Thursday because of their alarmism over Texas’ abortion law staying in effect after a recent ruling from the Supreme Court. Several far-left reporters called out their colleagues for not taking their alarmism more seriously and encouraged them to reconsider being more alarmist on other issues. 

The Supreme Court denied an effort to block the Texas Heartbeat Act from being enforced. The law prohibits individuals from receiving abortions after six weeks and allows people to sue clinics that illegally provide them.

Activists on the left and Democrat politicians denounced the law, while some claimed the media actually bears some responsibility for the anti-abortion law in the first place.

“Now that Roe has effectively been gutted, members of the news media need to do some soul searching. If you rolled your eyes at those who sounded alarms for years, or if you deemed their language hyperbolic, you should apologize. Also, look inward. See what else you’ve dismissed,” MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin tweeted.

Host of MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” and Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart shared Griffin’s statement with an emphatic “THIS!”

Other reporters used the news as an opportunity to declare victory over mainstream media by claiming the “alarmists” were right about the threat of losing abortion rights.

NBC reporter Ben Collins tweeted “The alarmists were right, about pretty much everything.”

Former Media Matters and Salon staffer Eric Boehlert tweeted a piece that criticized the media claiming that reporters took part in a “virtual Texas abortion blackout” prior to the Supreme Court ruling. 

“It’s impossible to miss the fact that the media’s virtual Texas abortion blackout prior to the bill becoming law occurred while the press gorged itself on Afghanistan ‘optics’ coverage for weeks,” Boehlert wrote.

President Biden criticized the ruling, calling it an “unprecedented assault” on women’s rights. In a statement, the White House revealed the Department of Justice is seeking new ways to ensure women have access to abortions in Texas.

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