Lee Smith: Biden administration, corporate establishment has 'sold America off for parts' to China

Tucker: How enemies foreign and domestic targeted the American president

Tucker sits down with journalist and author Lee Smith for a brand new episode of ‘Tucker Carlson Today’

Author and journalist Lee Smith, speaking Friday on Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today.” commented on how the American corporate elite and political establishment have essentially “sold” the country, by way of the working class, to China.

Smith, author of “The Permanent Coup: How Enemies Foreign and Domestic Targeted the American President,” told host Tucker Carlson that the amount of damage that Joe Biden and globalist corporate interests have done to the American working class is “absolutely shocking”.

“If we look at what the Biden administration now represents, the Biden administration is really at the head of a very large American establishment,” he said. “It’s not just the corporate and the political establishment, but it also includes the academy, all these universities that are taking money from the Chinese and misreporting the amount of money that they’re taking from the Chinese to basically sell their research off the books.”

“If you look at the cultural establishment, we talk about the NBA, we talk about Hollywood, but it’s also there’s the art world as well,” Smith added. “It’s just an enormous streak cutting across the middle of America. This is what I call the China class.”

Host Tucker Carlson agreed, adding that the dynamic between the U.S. and China now appears much like the World War I-era relationship between the U.S. and U.K., when America was, in his words, “an ascendant empire feeding on the carcass of a dying empire” with Britain’s richest families enjoining themselves with America rather than their own motherland.

“Right,” replied Smith. “It’s about the growing American aristocracy, the business aristocracy feeding off the feeding off or picking off the corpse of the British aristocracy. What’s happened here, which is different, is that. Again, it’s the American elite who have dismantled this country and have sold it off for parts.”. 

“There was no reason for us to lose what is effectively a very serious conflict between us and China,” he said. Smith added that it is not a military conflict but an economic one. America, he said, has lost its economic war with China, thanks in part to Biden and the corporate interests.

“Our leaders were basically – it’s not even so much they were working for the other side, they were working for their interests and in a sense, China was a proxy. They would have fed off of anyone,” he said.

“China happened to be the power with a huge captive labor force and a growing consumer market,” Smith said. “So I think the only difference is that the British aristocracy. They didn’t want to sell off the British people, but that’s what’s happened to us. Our elite is especially corrupt.”

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