iPhone 13 event LIVE: Apple iOS smartphone price rumours plus bigger battery, storage & new colour range expected

APPLE'S top-secret iPhone 13 will be unveiled to the world TODAY as it's expected the company will launch it's most powerful device yet.

CEO Tim Cook will unveil the new iOS smartphone at a launch event broadcast from Apple HQ in California at 6pm UK time tonight (Tuesday September 14)

One of the biggest iPhone 13 rumours is that we'll see new colours added to the roster.

Possibly the most exciting feature is the alleged introduction of a new pink paint job.

Meanwhile, other whispers include the new handset boasting a bigger storage capacity and a new, improved battery life.

Fan could also potentially see the new Apple Watch 7 unveiled tonight, which is thought to boast a faster processor and the new watchOS 7 software.

Read our iPhone 13 even live blog below for the latest updates as they happen…

  • Sean Keach


    Focus mode from iPhone is also coming to Apple Watch in watchOS 8.

    The Breathe app is being reimagined and renamed Mindfulness.

    This gives you a short and “thought-provoking” theme, plus an animation, to help you visualise during a “mindful” minute.

    The Sleep tracker will now calculate your respiratory rate.

    And there are now Workout modes, including Pilates and Tai Chi.

  • Sean Keach


    So what’s new in watchOS 8?

    Watch faces now support Portrait mode-style photos – with the time appearing behind the person.

    There are new Photo Memories served up daily.

    You can share photos via Messages and Mail in a few taps.

    And you have greater control over smart home gadgets with the watch.

    There’s support for digital home keys in the Wallet app on Watch.

  • Sean Keach


    The new Apple Watch looks set to run on Apple’s watchOS 8.

    That’s the new and upcoming version of Apple’s smartwatch software.

    It was announced in early summer, and is brimming with new features.

    Apple says it “helps you stay connected, active and healthy like never before”.

  • Sean Keach

    WANT IT!

    So what would we want to see from an Apple Watch 7?

    Battery life improvements are always welcome.

    I rarely run down the device in a day, but more longevity is great for time away from home – like camping trips.

    Deeper sleep tracking, detailing the quality of my sleep would also be welcome.

    I’m always happy to see new designs, watch faces and straps, so a shake-up on that front would be good.

    And although it’s unlikely this year, a blood sugar monitor on the Apple Watch would be truly incredible.

  • Sean Keach


    One of the biggest announcements tonight could be the Apple Watch Series 7.

    This mystery device could feature a new design – possibly squarer, in line with newer iPhone and iPad models.

    A faster chip powering the device looks certain.

    And there will inevitably new health and fitness features, but they remain a mystery for now.

    There was early talk of a blood sugar monitor being built into the Apple Watch 7, but this may not arrive until the Series 8 in 2022.

  • Sean Keach


    We’re expecting not just one new iPhone tonight – but FOUR!

    That’s because the iPhone 13 will likely come in a bunch of different variants.

    On the cheaper end, that will probably include the iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13.

    And on the premium end, you’re looking at the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

  • Sean Keach


    Last year, Apple introduced the first 5G iPhones.

    So it stands to reason that the 2021 lot will also support super-fast 5G speeds.

    5G is the next generation of mobile internet, with coverage rapidly spreading across the US and UK.

    UK network EE says it already covers more than 160 towns and cities.

    Speeds are already coming in at 10 times (or more) faster than average 4G download rates.

    In just a few years, iPhones without 5G support will be a distant memory.

  • Sean Keach


    We’re still largely in the dark about how much the iPhone 13 could cost.

    Gadget experts generally see iPhones as offering decent value for money – but they’re by no means “cheap”.

    Experts have told The Sun to expect Apple to stay around the £699 and £799 mark for the entry-level products.

    But could see a more expensive top-end iPhone 13 Pro Max, if rumours of a 1TB model turn out to be true.

    Last year’s top model cost £1,399, while the (older) pricey iPhone XS Max once priced at £1,449.

    Could we see the first £1,499 iPhone this year?

  • Sean Keach


    So how much more storage are we talking?

    Respected industry insider Ming-Chi Kuo says that the iPhone 13 will come in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB configurations.

    Importantly, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models are tipped to have an ever bigger allowance.

    These premium blowers could have an optional 1TB storage model, which is very generous.

    However, it's likely that such a storage capacity would cost hundreds of dollars/pounds more than entry-level iPhone 13.

  • Sean Keach


    One of the big rumours for this year’s iPhone is a storage boost.

    The very first iPhone had a paltry 4GB of storage as standard.

    This allowance has crept up over the years, accounting for a wider array of apps – many of which are more powerful and space-consuming.

    And we all store thousands (or even tens of thousands) of photos, which simply wouldn't fit on such a small device.

    Last year's quarter of iPhones started with 64GB of storage, which is decent enough – but hardly earth-shattering.

  • Sean Keach


    One of the big mysteries is what Apple means by this year’s event name: California Streaming.

    It could just be a whimsical reference to the fact that the event is virtual.

    We spoke to PP Foresight analyst and industry insider Paolo Pescatore, who thinks it could be a clue about new iPhone features.

    “There have been lots of leaks already, but expect a few surprises,” Paolo told The Sun.

    “No doubt there will be huge emphasis on the camera and imaging in line with previous years.

    “One area that might see a huge leap is video with support for 120MHz displays.

    “Apple has been playing catch-up compared to rivals.

    “This will significantly improve the experience of streaming video and playing games. Hence the invite, California Streaming.”

  • Sean Keach


    Like 2020, this year’s Apple event is a virtual affair.
    But we’ll still hear from Apple chief Tim Cook, who will talk us through new products – with help from a team of execs.

    Apple’s virtual events have been faster-paced than physical ones, so runtime might be short.

    Thankfully, these events are slick and pre-planned – so don’t expect any live demo bungles.

  • Sean Keach


    FaceTime, for instance, will let you blur the background of your videos.

    It'll give your video feed a similar effect to the Portrait mode available on the cameras of recent iPhones.

    You'll also be able to upload your passport or drivers license to Apple Wallet, letting you check in at, for instance, airports using your phone.

    Another new feature unveiled by Apple is designed to make it easier to show your friends what you're listening to or watching.

    Called “Share Play”, it allows you to listen to music or watch a streaming app with members of a call, with the video synced up for all users.

    Notifications are getting a new look, and will now be grouped into a helpful collection called Notification Summary.

    Apple will use AI to figure out which notifications are most important to you. You can set which time of day you’d like to be reminded to read them.

  • Sean Keach


    Focus will even notify your iMessage contacts of your status to let them know why you're not responding to their texts.

    Apple is also working on major updates to iMessage that will make it more like a social media platform, like WhatsApp.

    One way it's doing this is by making it easier to manage and engage with the photos and news articles that your friends share through the app.

    The Apple Photos and Apple news apps will have new areas that only store the content shared by your friends.

    A number of the company’s other apps, such as Wallet, Safari, Apple Maps and Health, are also getting minor improvements.

  • Sean Keach


    So what’s actually new in iOS 15?

    One new iOS 15 tool called Focus will let users set different notification preferences depending on what they're doing.

    For instance, you will have the option to select if the phone makes a sound or not, or whether it vibrates, depending on your current status.

    You’ll be able to use a new menu to select if you’re driving, working, sleeping or a custom status of your choosing.

  • Sean Keach


    Earlier this year, Apple unveiled iOS 15.

    That’s the next big software update for your iPhone, adding loads of great features.

    The iPhone 13 will almost certainly run on it – and older models will also get the update for free.

    We’ll likely hear about an iOS 15 release date during the event.

    And we could even uncover new features that hadn’t previously been mentioned.

  • Sean Keach


    At around noon UK time (or 4am California time) today, the Apple Store went offline.

    That might sound like doomsday to gadget lovers, but Apple fans know this is a good sign.

    The Apple Store goes down before every major Apple event.

    That’s because Apple is working behind the scenes to update the website with new products.

    After the event, the Apple Store will come back online – brimming with new tech to explore.

  • Sean Keach


    I’m Sean Keach, The Sun’s Technology Editor, and I’ll be blogging you through today’s Apple event.

    We’re expecting loads of news – this is a big showcase of Apple products.

    Chief among them is the rumoured iPhone 13, which will be high on Christmas lists for 2021.

    We’re expecting them to support 5G, come with expanded storage, new colour options, and faster chips on board.

    Also very likely is the Apple Watch 7, the latest iteration of the company’s smartwatches.

    Insiders have tipped the reveal of new Apple AirPods – technically the “third” generation.

    They’re expected to have a similar design to the smaller AirPods Pro, but without noise-cancelling.

    And finally, we could see the debut of a new entry-level iPad.

    Nothing is certain until the big day though.

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