In Other Apocalyptic News, Sarah Palin Was the Bear on The Masked Singer

Being an American politician and a costumed contestant on Fox’s The Masked Singer have two things in common: One, no matter who you are, the truth will eventually claw its way to the limelight and; Two, both require a certain degree of shamelessness.

Maybe it comes as a surprise to no one that—in an epoch of hyper-capitalism, the celebrity-ization of politics, and clickbait Internet virality—those two realms are quickly merging, a Venn diagram consisting of a single circle because both have become one in the same. Who else to better personify the glamorous entertainment crossover with a broken political system than Sarah Palin?

The former Alaskan governor and GOP vice presidential candidate was, indeed, the “celeb” in the pink and blue bear costume on The Masked Singer, the gameshow in which famous people disguise their identities under elaborately ridiculous rigs (another contestant who appeared earlier this season was Chaka Kahn, veiled as something called “Miss Monster”).

“This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever done,” Palin conceded. “But, it’s all about fun. It’s unity. … This is something our country needs right now, too.”

Perhaps in another, more perfect world—one in which election cycles don’t impossibly last forever, climate change is a thing to be tackled and not debated, GoFundMe isn’t the go-to healthcare safety net, and Instagram didn’t make us feel bad—her subsequent rap performance of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s 1992 “Baby Got Back” would have stung less.

But, we live in the bad place. Here, amongst other terrible and yet easily avoidable things, new viruses spur on mass biblical Doomsday hysteria, reproductive rights could yet again face the chopping block, and inaction and lack of political courage on climate change will almost certainly mean the end of humanity. (Of course, Palin, Trump supporter that she is, has as recently as 2016 stood by her belief that climate change could be “bogus.”)

But, forget about all that! For now, we have “unity” and “fun” delivered in glittering TV packages and rebranded former politicians and Fox News commentators. It’s so easy to ignore the mess when you don’t want to see it.

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