I scaled my freelance business on Fiverr and made $378,000 last year. Here are 5 ways I make sure my profile pops to attract more customers.

  • Alex Fasulo is a full-time freelance writer who began freelancing on Fiverr.com six years ago.
  • Since then, Fasulo scaled her business to earn $378,000 in 2020, according to a screenshot of her Fiverr sales dashboard viewed by Insider.
  • She says having quality photos, an accessible portfolio, and a fast response time is key to success on Fiverr.
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I started freelancing on Fiverr.com six years ago. After lasting only four weeks at a PR job in New York City, I quit suddenly with no savings and no warning. I just knew I couldn’t last another minute trapped in an office building.

In those six years, I’ve managed to scale my writing business to earn $378,000 in 2020. By selling blogs, website content packages, editing, e-book writing, product descriptions, and press releases, I’ve serviced everyone from small businesses and entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies and influencers. Now, I’m a full-time freelance writer and Fiverr PRO seller ranked in the top 1% on the platform. 

I didn’t gain a six-figure income overnight. In fact, during my first year freelancing full-time, I  made around $38,000 (which was still more than I was going to be paid at an entry level PR job in New York City). It hasn’t been easy and it hasn’t been fast, but it’s been incredibly worth it. After around four years of freelancing on Fiverr, I hired two other writers to work with me to continue to grow.

I work anywhere from six to 12 hours per day depending on my queue, and check in every two to four hours to keep a quick response time. I make it a point to respond to clients the moment I wake up, around 6:30 to 7 a.m., and also right before I lay down to read in the evenings, around 10 p.m., which helps me keep a quick response time.

Laying a foundation correctly in the beginning with both your Fiverr profile and subsequent gigs can help you reach six figures much more quickly than I did. With a site like Fiverr, and any freelancing platform for that matter, the little details in your overall profile presentation can make a big difference. It’s those details that tell customers if they can trust you or not, and if you are a  serious professional. 

Based on my personal experience, here are five things you absolutely need for a strong and lucrative Fiverr profile:

1. High-quality, professional photos

When people sign up on an anonymous freelancing platform, they often assume their personal image does not matter. This could not be farther from the truth. In fact, since the site is anonymous, that human-to-human connection is more important than ever. You want to show buyers they can trust you from the get-go. The fastest way to do that is with multiple professional photos of yourself, proving you’re not just another scammer in a foreign country that’s using stock images.

Alex Fasulo

As you can see, I’m very gratuitous with my image on Fiverr. I select photos that are crisp, clear, professional, and colorful, something that underscores my personality before people even contact me.

Your profile should feature one professional photo of yourself, highlighting your face with eye contact and a smile. You can pose with a laptop, just as I have.

Next, every single gig image of yours should include a photo of yourself with text edited onto it. Why? This shows buyers in the marketplace what you look like, and that you took the time to set up a high-quality gig with a beautiful gig image. 

Alex Fasulo

Think of your gig post as a YouTube thumbnail; it’s the same concept. 

2. An accessible and trustworthy portfolio

The beauty of freelancing is that clients are no longer concerned with where you went to college or what fancy degree you bring to the table. They want to see cold, hard proof that you can deliver a quality product to them. The best way to show this trustworthiness is with a thorough portfolio.

Alex Fasulo

Every gig allows you to upload five to seven attachments, in addition to the gig image. I recommend taking advantage of all the attachment options with PDFs, word documents, photos, or graphics. I recommend using a mixture of all of these to reinforce your professionalism.

For example, here’s a PDF attachment I use to show my press release-writing skills. It’s one I did for my mom, so there’s no client-confidentiality breach by posting it. If you want to use an example from a paying client, just blur out their name.

You can also add more photos of yourself working, to prove you’re not lying about your appearance.

Alex Fasulo

Lastly, your profile  is no place to be humble. Create graphics that summarize your accomplishments and where your work has been featured.

You’ll have to create a new portfolio per each gig. You can reuse a lot of the same images if you want,  just be sure to go above and beyond on every gig. Your thoroughness speaks volumes to potential clients.

3. A memorable tagline and personal profile description

Fiverr’s anonymity can make it hard for clients to feel like they can connect with you through the internet. On your profile, you have a few opportunities to make it easy to ‘know you.’ One of the first places is with your tagline. Here’s where you want to let your personality and passion for your service shine through.

For me, my tagline is, “Let me write you something.” I chose this because it’s laid-back, personal, and about the client. I let them know I’m ready to work for them.

The description is a chance to communicate your expertise and personal passion. Make a mixture of both your background, as well as why you are personally excited about providing services to clients on Fiverr. Buyers want to feel like you’re elated to work with them.

Alex Fasulo

Notice that I also include my age here. This is my attempt at showing the buyer I’m transparent and have nothing to hide.

4. Fiverr Learn and Fiverr tests

Fiverr has been adding a slew of new resources and features to their site in 2021. One of their major pushes is for Fiverr Learn, their online courses portal. Every time a Fiverr Learn course is completed, you earn a badge that is displayed right on your profile.

Alex Fasulo

Not only does this make your profile look more professional, but it also verifies you as an expert in the eyes of your buyer. Plus, it tells Fiverr you are serious about their platform, and tips them off to considering you for eventual promotions or even Fiverr PRO. 

As for Fiverr Tests, these are a great way to establish your knowledge in a particular field and show a buyer that yes, you are proficient in English, etc. The tests typically take 30 to 45 minutes to complete, but are very worth it when starting out on Fiverr if you want to appear transparent.

5. A fast response time

Lastly, if you want to scale your Fiverr profile as quickly as possible, you need to invest in a fast response time. This tells clients that you are on Fiverr full-time (even if you’re not) and if they have a question or comment, you will be able to get back to them in just a few hours. The typical Fiverr buyer needs to have their project done as soon as possible — that’s why they’re using Fiverr. If a seller is going to take 24 hours to respond, the buyer is going to book another seller.

Your  response time is also displayed right on your profile. Plus, it has an impact on how you are ranked in the Fiverr algorithm. Naturally, Fiverr is going to push out profiles that are more likely to satisfy their clientele and are not going to promote an account that barely signs into the site.

I would try to keep your average response time to four to five hours or lower. The best way to do this is by downloading the Fiverr app and answering clients even when you are out and about. It’s easy and takes just a few minutes.

The freelancing Renaissance

As I like to say, we’re currently living in the freelancing Renaissance, with more Fiverr features and new freelancing platforms launching within the industry in 2021 than ever before. Now is the perfect time to get in on the action and hit the ground running. 

Alexandra Fasulo is a full-time freelance writer, Fiverr PRO seller, author of “Freelancing on Fiverr: How to Make 6-Figures in 6-Months,” and host of the Freelance Fairytales Podcast.

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