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THIS is Peugeot’s first fully electric SUV.

Most definitely, it will not be the last.

The French firm has committed to electrifying everything by 2025.

But the popular e-2008 originally launched two years ago has duly qualified for an upgrade.

It now goes a bit farther – up eight miles to 214  – after tweaks by Peugeot’s IT department, a new heat pump and some ultra-sensible, low-resistance tyres.

There’s more good news.


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It wasn’t short of kit to start with – 7in touchscreen that talks to your phone, fancy LED lights, parking sensors and so on – but now you get even more free equipment.

Gloss-black roof rails and blacked-out rear windows now come as standard on the renamed entry-level Active Premium +.

The next level up, Allure Premium +, bags advanced 3D navigation and voice recognition, previously the preserve of top-of-the-range only.

When it first arrived on the scene, the  e-2008 looked the part – if perhaps ever so slightly gawky compared to the smaller, cheaper and angrier e-208 supermini from which it is based – for a sensibly priced baby electric SUV.

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Two years later it’s still looking on the money, needing no aesthetic modifications having consistently sold in impressive numbers.

It’s super-modern inside, too, with a radical, if ultimately pointless, 3D driver display and a notably futuristic interior design approach which contrasts pleasantly with its down-to-earth pricing.

It also drives better than you’d think.

With all the heavy electric bits and bobs being stuffed in the floor, its centre of gravity is duly lowered, making this the pick of the 2008 range for handling, over the petrol and diesel alternatives.

Admittedly, they can do 450 miles before needing to stop to fill up – and are as much as £8,000 cheaper.

But they’re not as green.

Also worth noting – whichever flavour you choose, they all have the same 434 litre boot capacity.

The real-world range you can squeeze out of the e-2008 is not a one-size-fits-all figure. You’ll struggle to get over 160 miles on a single charge with mixed driving in all weathers.

But supporting up to 100kW charging, it will top up in just over half an hour at a fast-charging station, or overnight with a standard 7kW home wall box.

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Plush, comfy and slightly better than it was before, the popular e-2008 is not the electric SUV answer for everyone given its limited range and compact interior.

But as a second car it will surely schlep your kids and an ample bootfull of their belongings to school before the bell rings, with a quiet sense of neo-futuristic charm for you to appreciate on your return journey home.


Price: £28,150

Battery: 50kWh

Power: 134hp, 260Nm

0-62mph:  9 secs

Top speed: 93mph

Range: 214miles

CO2: 0g/km

Out: Now

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