How to protect your car from Halloween mischief

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Mischief Night, Goosey Night, Cabbage Night, Devil’s Night … whatever the local name for Oct. 30 is where you live, it can spell trouble for your car.

Residential home in California toilet papered, TP’d

In some areas of the country, especially in and around the Northeast and Michigan, many kids hit the streets the night before Halloween hellbent on vandalism with shaving cream, eggs, toilet paper, socks filled with flour, etc.

It’s a mess all around, but the substances can be particularly damaging to the finish on your car, while impacts can cause dents and dings.

There are a few preventative and corrective measures you can take to ward off the evil, however, as suggested by Consumer Reports:

Hide it

First and foremost, park your car in the garage if you can. You’re house may still take a hit, but it’s unlikely anyone is going to try to break in just to write vulgarities on your car’s windows in Silly String.

Wax it

Wax doesn’t just give your car a nice shine, it puts a protective coating on it that can repel dirt and grime and keep it away from the paint surface itself. Consumer Reports recommends waxing every three or four months, even if you’re not expecting an egg attack.

Rinse it

If you let your guard down and discover your car’s been hit, rinse it off as soon as possible before any contaminants have a chance to sink in and start corroding the surface. You’ll also want to remove anything hard, like egg shells, that can cause scratches if they move around.

Quick fix

If you don’t get to it in time and paint damage has begun, but hasn’t made it all the way through the clearcoat, a cleaning wax may be able to clear off the bad layer and bring the undamaged paint to the surface.

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