How to get your hands on luxury watch worth up to £50,000 – and get paid for wearing it

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An exclusive online marketplace dubbed the ‘Amazon for millionaires’ is on the hunt for two members of the public to become luxury watch testers. The watches in question will be of extreme value, giving successful applicants the chance to test out some special products.

The marketplace currently has over 60,000 luxury watches listed on its website available for its clientele to request.

They are now recruiting two in-house reviewers to test out its most in-demand timepieces.

The successful candidates will wear watches with price tags from £5,000 to £50,000 RRP, to review practicality, comfort and appearance.

The watch tester’s main responsibility is to ascertain which watch is most suited to a variety of lifestyles and budgets, to help online shoppers make more informed purchases.

The watch testers will earn £1,000 for a month’s work, and will be expected to complete weekly reports on each luxury watch.

After the initial contract period is up, may decide to extend it further.

While the watches listed on the site come with big price tags, has said that this does not necessarily correlate with increased comfort and practicality.

That was the inspiration to start their own watch testing service.

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The application states that the watch testers do not need any previous experience in reviewing luxury products.

It also states that is seeking to hire people who do not consider themselves as shoppers in the luxury market.

This is designed to reduce any prejudgement over price and brand name.

Each tester will be sent one watch per week via private courier for an initial period of a month.

They will be asked to review the watch based on its comfort, ease of use, durability, practicality and appearance.

Reviewers will need to conduct everyday tasks as well as more active hobbies, such as playing tennis or swimming.

Aaron Harpin, founder, said: “We know one of the main draws to investing in luxury watches is the price tag itself.

“However, when the prices are as high as they are, it can sometimes be hard to look past that number and see the watch as a watch.

“We want to find two people who will put these watches to the test, to find out if these valuable timepieces actually function the way they are supposed to.

“Can you wear them in everyday life? Are the faces easy to read, are they comfortable? But most importantly what reaction will you get when you wear them!”

Applicants must be over the age of 18 and have good writing skills.

However, the deadline for applications is looming, falling on August 20.

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