How to get rid of fruit flies – 3 top tips

This Morning: Alice Beer shares tips for removing pests

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The last thing you want while you are relaxing in the sunshine is for those pesky little fruit flies buzzing around you. They can be particularly irritating when you trying to BBQ or if you’ve just sat down to a lovely alfresco lunch. has pulled together some handy tips for a fly-free summer.

As the name would suggest fruit flies are particularly attracted to fruit.

Any ripe or even rotten fruit is likely to see these flies swarm in.

So, as you would expect these pests tend to hang out around rubbish bins and any uncovered food.

Other things they’re drawn to include fermented drinks like beer which can be troublesome if you frequent your local pub garden.

How can you get rid of fruit flies?

Cut off their food source

The best way to get rid of these irritating creatures is to cut off their source of food.

Make sure you throw out overripe fruit and do not leave any food uncovered during the summer this will be sure to draw these pests into your home.

Ditch the fruit bowl and store your fruit in the fridge or cupboard instead.

Take out your rubbish regularly

Be sure to take your rubbish out regularly, this may sound obvious but fruit flies are particularly drawn to rotting fruit.

Fruit flies love fruit juice and alcohol, be sure to spring on spills immediately, it is all too easy to leave that orange juice spill but if you do you could regret it.

Create fruit fly traps

If fruit flies continue to pester, you might have to take more drastic action.

You can easily make DIY traps to banish these flies from your home and garden.

One of the easiest to make is a simple vinegar and soap trap.

All you need to do is leave out a bowl of vinegar and soap.

The fruit flies will be drawn to this and will likely get trapped and drown in the mixture.

Another classic is the apple cider vinegar trap, take a glass and pour in a little apple cider vinegar.

Cover this with cling film, secure with an elastic or hairband and pierce with a few holes.

The flies will be attracted to this solution and should fly into the glass trapping themselves.

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