How to get ENDLESS Snapchat and Instagram access on your smartphone

IF YOU often go over you data limit because of social media, there's a new range of SIMs which you are made for you.

The SIMs – provided by SIM-only specialist Voxi – offer endless data for social media, and are now available at already offers SIMs from major networks like EE, O2, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile.

But Voxi SIMs offer unlimited access to social media sites, on top of the usual unlimited minutes and texts.

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The SIMs – which use Vodafone’s network – do come with general data limits, and you can choose from 6GB (£10 a month), 15GB (£15 a month), and 60GB (£20 a month).

This data doesn’t get eaten into when users use most well-known social media apps.

So you can access Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Pinterest without worrying about data limits.

And you can even avoid using data with messaging apps Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. YouTube isn't included.

To get endless access users need to have some general data available first. So you can’t use all of your allowance on Internet browsing, emails or maps and still get the benefit.

But as long as you have some data you can snap, post, chat, pin and message as much as you like.

And Voxi SIM deals are billed every 30-days, and you can opt out any time – so there’s no contract to be tied into.

If you don’t use social media much, there may well be better options around to get the most for your money.

Smarty is another SIM-only company, and it goes big on data. It offers 30GB at £10 a month, 50GB at £15, and Unlimited at £20.

After a new phone? An incredible iPhone 11 deal gets you 100GB of data with no upfront cost.

  • Endless social media Voxi SIMs at – buy here

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