How to disinfect your whole home amid lockdown – cleaning the house to kill coronavirus

The most important thing to do when it comes to preventing the spread of the virus around your home is disinfecting frequently touched items. This includes objects and surfaces.


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One cleaning guru, Mrs Hinch, has advised using a product named Zoflora to disinfect items.

The Instagram sensation, who’s real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, is well versed when it comes to getting rid of germs.

She uses Zoflora by mixing it with water in a spray bottle.

She then sprays the mixture on to a dry cloth. Mrs Hinch uses it to wipe the remote, light switches and door handles.

She said: “Diluted Zoflora and a cloth – wiping down everything that’s touched regularly on a daily basis.”

Mrs Hinch also uses this mixture to spray window sills and any other frequently touched surfaces.

Makers of Zoflora have told customers the products could kill the virus.

They said: “The science suggests that Zoflora would be effective against this strain, as it is against other similar viruses within the standard five minutes contact time.”

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However, the product has not been tested on the COVID-19 strain of the illness.

They added: “Like all other disinfectant products, we have been unable to test efficacy against the specific COVID-19 strain of Coronavirus.”

Coronavirus is thought to live in hard surfaces up to a week.

However, on soft surfaces it does not last as long.


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Carpets with more people walking over them are more likely to pick up the disease.

Steam cleaning could kill the virus, although in self isolation hoovering should suffice.

The NHS advises to focus cleaning on the bathroom and kitchen, where most germs are spread.

For the toilet it recommends flushing after each use and cleaning with a toilet brush and every every few days.

It adds “limescale should be regularly removed using a descaling product” and “keep the toilet seat, handle and rim clean by using a disinfectant.”

Clean baths and sicks with disinfectant if used by a sick person, and frequently if are they used regularly by a well person.

For the kitchen the NHS recommends: “Clean floors regularly with warm water and detergent to remove visible dirt.”

It adds: “If soiled with vomit, urine or poo, the floor should be cleaned using a disposable cloth and warm water, then disinfected – make sure the floor is dry before allowing children on it.”

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