Hannity: Administration 'scared' Biden will embarrass himself with Putin

Hannity: America first policy has been replaced with America dead last policy

‘Hannity’ host say to expect ‘glowing’ praise from media on Biden-Putin summit

Fox News host Sean Hannity slammed President Biden’s foreign policy ahead of his highly anticipated summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Tuesday on “Hannity.”

Leading up to the meeting the United States has suffered from numerous cyberattacks targeting key industries. Hannity took aim at Biden saying, “Now under Biden the era of peace through strength is over. America first policies have now been replaced by America dead last policies. Just last month, Russian hackers literally wrecked America’s oil and gas supply, Joe inexplicably rewards Putin by lifting sanctions and giving a waiver for Russia to build a pipeline, so they could supply the lifeblood of our Western European allies energy.”

Hannity added that on top of Biden’s “appeasement” strategy, the president has looked “weak” on the world’s stage.

“The entire world is seeing first-hand how weak, how frail, how confused, what a cognitive struggling mess Joe really is. One Sky News Australia host actually raising concerns about Joe Biden’s ‘mental capacity.’”

Hannity showed a video of Biden appearing to be “completely confused” during a meeting, and another video of First Lady Jill Biden scolding the president telling him to “pay attention” and herding him back when he appeared again “confused.”

“This trip has been an utter train wreck, frankly, I find it embarrassing, and it’s all that doctor First Lady Jill Biden can do to try and keep Joey in line,” Hannity said. “Don’t worry I’m sure tomorrow’s meeting with the hostile regime thug of Russia known as Vladimir Putin, oh I’m sure this is just going to go great!”

The White House announced that there will be no joint press conference between Biden and Putin following the summit. Hannity predicts there will be no meeting because the administration is “worried” Biden will embarrass himself and the United States. 

“I think it’s obvious now to the entire world why there’s not going to be a joint press conference following tomorrow’s summit with Putin. The administration is scared to death Joe will deeply embarrass himself and the country even further, and that Vladimir will take advantage of Joe’s clear cognitive weakness and constant state of confusion.”

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