Greg Gutfeld: Pointing out the problem, makes you the problem according to the media

Gutfeld: Media says violence is ‘silliest concern’

‘Gutfeld!’ panel reacts to NYC prosecutors dropping hundreds of cases and CNN’s coverage of ongoing crime surge

It’s another glorious Monday in the city that never sleeps! Who are they kidding? There are bums passed out all over the place. But the rest of us have to stay up all night and guard our stuff from looters. It’s true.

According to the NYPD data, hundreds of suspects nabbed for looting and rioting after the George Floyd protests, have all had their charges erased. Yep, the charges were wiped out, like Kat after having one too many vodkas in first class.

The dismissal of charges must be great news to business owners, who can look forward to more repeat customers from their growing base of faithful looters! It’s sort of like a “steal one, get one hundred free” sale. It’s a lesson in incentives. Lack of punishment doesn’t just remove a disincentive to crime, it becomes an incentive to do more of it. As if the flat screen you stole wasn’t enough.

According to an NBC New York investigation: the Bronx – a borough ravaged by fires and mass looting – saw more than 60 percent of the charges dropped. And in Manhattan, where looters freely assaulted SoHo and midtown— over 200 of those arrested had their cases dropped.

But according to the media – pointing out the problem, makes you the problem. Take New York City mayor candidate Andrew Yang, who, in the last mayoral debate, tried to explain what every citizen in this shaken town understands. 

So: hearing about people being beaten, robbed, and murdered is almost like pornography. I guess where CNN anchors live, they’re more cut off than Don Lemon on New Year’s Eve. It’s where crime is “porn” – and watched from behind the locked front gate, protecting your highly secure home.

I got news for Stelter — if you consider an Asian elderly woman being beaten by a repeated offender in broad daylight to be pornographic – Twinkies aren’t your only problem. Maybe I’d see a sex therapist. And not the one Toobin is using, either.

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue on the June 20, 2021 edition of “Gutfeld!”

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