Graham, Cotton slam Biden for throwing 'Border Patrol under the bus'

Rep. McCaul defends ‘overwhelmed’ and ‘under-resourced’ Border Patrol agents

Rep. Mike McCaul, R-Texas, responds to Democratic outrage over images that lawmakers falsely claimed showed Border Patrol agents using ‘whips’ to stop Haitian migrants getting into the country.

Republican senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Tom Cotton of Arkansas hammered President Biden Thursday for his administration’s harsh criticisms of Border Patrol’s handling of the flood of Haitian migrants in Del Rio. 

The Biden administration announced Thursday that it is prohibiting Border Patrol agents from using horses in the Del Rio sector amid Democratic outrage over images that lawmakers claimed showed agents using “whips” to block Haitian migrants from getting into the U.S.

“If [DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas] is truly ‘horrified’ as he said, he should tell President Biden to stop playing political games with our nation’s security and return to President Trump’s strong-border policies that were working,” the Texas Republican said.

“Close the border once and for all,” Pfluger added.

Fox News’ Adam Shaw contributed reporting 

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