Glitter grout: How to add glitter to your grout – the popular TikTok trend explained

Tile Giant give demonstration on how to add glitter to grout

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TikTokers have been revamping their tiles and covering their grout in glitter. Fancy brightening up your bathroom but don’t want to go overboard with bold colours and prints? Glitter in the grout will do the job. reveals how to add glitter to your grout, according to Tile Giant.

There are several different methods that can be used to add a sprinkle of glitter to your grout.

Some TikToker’s swear by a £15 glitter grout sealant from eBay, while others are adding glitter into the grout themselves.

Thanks to Tile Giant, knows exactly how to add glitter to your grout.

According to the UK’s fastest-growing tile merchant, Tile Giant: “Putting a personal touch on your tiles doesn’t stop at your choice of tiles; using glitter grout is a perfect way to add a unique sparkle to your room!”

To regrout your tiling with a touch of glitter, you’ll need:

  • Mapei Kerapoxy Design
  • Mapei Glitter
  • Mapei Kerapoxy Cleaner Spray
  • Tools & accessories required:
  • Floor protection sheet
  • Protective gloves
  • Spatula
  • Mechanical stirrer
  • Hard rubber float
  • 2x Buckets of water
  • 2x Sponges
  • Microfibre cloth

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How to add glitter to your grout

Tile Giant’s site explains how to add glitter to your grout from start to finish.

You’ll need to get rid of the existing grout before you add glitter and new grout.

It says: “Before starting the process of adding new grout to tiles, any existing grout or lose materials must be removed from the tile joints.

“This provides a blank canvas for adding new grout and ensures the maximum effect of the new glitter grout.

“Using a floor protection sheet, be sure that all flooring around the area you wish to grout is covered and protected from spillages.”

Not sure how to prepare the grout? Whatever you do, make sure you’re wearing protective gloves.

Tile Giant’s site explains: “Upon opening the Mapei Kerapoxy Design Tub, you will see two components within the tub; a filler and a reaction hardener.

“Remove the smaller tub of reaction hardener and add it into the bigger tub of filler with a spatula.

“On a slow setting, use the mechanical stirrer to mix together the two components of the grout.”

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Sit the mixture for three to four minutes to make sure the components are combined into a smooth paste.

Once the grout is well mixed, it’s time to add the Mapei glitter. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

The site reads: “You can add one to three sachets of the glitter, but we recommend two sachets for the best glitter results!

“Empty the sachets into the tub of grout and work well into the mix, folding in the glitter with a spatula.

“Using the mechanical stirrer on the same slow setting, mix the glitter slowly into the grout mixture to ensure the glitter is dispersed evenly throughout the product.”

You don’t have time to stop for a cup of tea – the grout will only remain workable for approximately 45 minutes.

Tile Giant recommends starting to apply the glitter grout to the tiles straight away.

The site explains: “To do this, you will need to use the hard rubber float to pick up the grout mixture and apply it to the tile joints.

“The application method is purely down to personal preference, although we advise angling the rubber float so that any air will be removed from the joints as the product is applied.”

So how do you get rid of the mucky grout on the tiles? You use a sponge and water.

Tile Giant’s advice states: “Using your first sponge, soak up some water from the first bucket and start to wipe away the grout mixture from the tile surface in circular motions.

“Be sure to rinse the sponge in the first bucket regularly so that the grout isn’t being spread across the surface; the aim here is to remove the bulk of the excess product from the tiles.

“Using the second sponge, wipe the tiles down again using clean water from the second bucket.

“Using a diagonal motion and turning the sponge regularly to ensure that the majority of the remaining product residue is removed.”

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