George Clarke brands barn revamp as a ‘glorious country home’

George Clarke visits incredible ‘fairytale’ house in garden

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During the Channel 4 series, architect George Clarke showcases a range of impressive home renovation projects, while providing the owners invaluable advice on how to tackle the work on their property. In tonight’s episode, George will explore plans to turn a dilapidated stable block into a luxury home.

In last week’s episode, George visited a couple in Woodford, Greater Manchester, who had taken on a bold refurbishment project of an old barn on a former farm.

Gordon, a former pub landlord, had worked at the barn with his dad as a young boy when it was once a working farm.

While the farm, which required a lot of work, had been in the family for six decades, Gordon was keen to transform the 120-year-old property into a modern home for him and his partner, Lisa.

During a visit to the farm in 2019, the couple shared their plans to transform the former cattle shed and milking parlour.

Their project included turning the former milking parlour into a modern kitchen and creating a spacious extension into an orangery.

The upstairs where hay had been stored and hadn’t been used for seven years, was transformed into two new double bedrooms, both fitted with ensuites. 

Suggesting the couple could create a series of open spaces in the entrance hall, George said it would be “lighter and brighter” while providing a “much clearer plan”.

During the episode, George visited a renovated barn in the Cotswolds, which had been modernised and designed with an open plan.

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Impressed with the project, George said: “It’s quite amazing when you first come in because it’s very unexpected.

“At the front of the house there’s lots of stone, a good solid timber door and it’s relatively windowless, but when you come into the hallway it’s just flooded with natural light.”

He said the owners had “respected the original form of the barn”.

He described the timber frame as “spectacular”.

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Reflecting on the extended glass windows, he said that particular part of the design had “stitched everything together” while enabling a view into a range of the rooms on the same floor.

While exploring the master bedroom, he described the design as “stunning,” adding that the “pitch of the roof goes right up to the ridge which is a fantastic sense of space.”

He said the bed was “perfectly aligned” with the glass doors and the balcony. 

“Every morning when you wake up, it’s like looking at a painting,” added George.

After returning to the renovated barn in Woodford, following its dramatic renovation, George described the transformation as a “glorious and practical country home.”

He said the design looked more “rustic” than he had expected.

While exploring the old workshop, which had been turned into a bright and airy hallway, which provided views throughout the house, George said: “It becomes a beautiful cross plan to open the entire whole space up.” 

George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations airs tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm.

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