Fresh Xbox Series X stock coming TOMORROW with new lottery system

GAMERS have been struggling for months to get their paws on the sold-out Xbox Series X – and they'll get another crack at it this week.

UK retailer Box has pledged to release a fresh batch Microsoft's machines using a bot-beating ballot system that launches on Friday.

The draw-names-from-a-hat scheme mirrors those used by big festivals like Glastonbury, or luxury shoe brands selling the latest must-have sneakers.

To enter, simply head to this link and plug in your name and email address to be in with a chance of winning.

A handful of lucky customers who enter will then be selected at random to receive an invitation to purchase the Xbox Series X or S.

The winners will be drawn at an unspecified time on Friday, so make sure to enter today to ensure you're in with a chance.

Box told The Sun that it will contact a handful of random entrants requesting a payment ahead of the weekend.

If payment is not received, that entrant loses their allocation and the console will be offered to the next random participant.

It's important to note that entering your email doesn't guarantee you an opportunity to buy an Xbox – you'll need a stroke of luck, too.

Box also mentions that signing up will automatically enrol you into its email database, meaning you'll get a few marketing emails from them.

Box's system promises to give regular consumers a chance over rampant scalpers who use bots to bag themselves hundreds of consoles at a time.

It will also mean the website is less likely to crash when stock becomes available, an issue suffered by several major retailers in recent weeks.

It's not clear how many consoles Box has on offer and there's no way to know how many people have signed up.

That means your chances of being one of those lucky few entrants are likely pretty slim.

Microsoft released two new consoles around the world on November 10, 2020.

The Xbox Series X is the pricier and more powerful of the two, coming in at £449/$499.

The Xbox Series S offers slightly lower specs and doesn't come with a disc tray, but is priced significantly cheaper, at £249/$299.

The consoles are in high demand, with most retailers across the globe selling out within minutes of launching sales.

Both machines have seesawed in and out of stock since their release, often selling out too quickly for shoppers to get hold of one.

Gamers hoping to nab the £449/$499 PlayStation 5 – also launched last November – have experienced similar issues.

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In other news, The Sun's favourite alternative to a games console is the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

Grab a VR headset and you'll be able to play the legendary Beat Saber – like Guitar Hero, but with lightsabers.

And Dell's Alienware R10 Ryzen Edition is a gaming PC powerhouse that crushes both the new consoles.

Which is your favourite, PS5 or Xbox Series X? Let us know in the comments!

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