Free energy-saving sessions launched for every household in UK

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To help with soaring living costs, Utilita Energy will be launching a national rollout of free energy-saving workshops for households across the UK. The sessions are free, and the firm pledges they can help Britons “save hundreds – if not thousands”, on their annual energy spending.

The support comes in view of the new energy price guarantee coming into force on October 1, which has seen average energy bills for a typical household rise to a staggering £2,500 a year.

The free, 45-minute ‘Bill Buster’ sessions will be delivered by Utilita Energy from Monday, October 10, and every household in the UK is invited to attend.

The sessions can be accessed virtually through a live link, watched as a video, attended in person at any of Utilita’s High Street Energy Hubs, or by attending a community-based session, which will be held in thousands of schools and community spaces across the UK.

Building on Utilita’s award-winning Energy High 5 campaign, which provided five free and simple ways to save hundreds each year, the sessions will focus on an extended checklist of 15 simple ways to cut energy usage at home.

The additional 10 ways to save cover cost-effective cooking and hot water use and those attending sessions in person will be able to claim a dedicated Energy High 5 pack to help speed up their savings – while stocks last.

Explaining why the sessions are being delivered free of charge, Bill Bullen, founder and CEO of Utilita Energy said: “Through smart-enabling our customers’ homes, improved visibility and control has helped our customers to cut their energy spend by as much as a fifth.

“With the price of energy reaching unprecedented levels in recent months, this winter will be one of the worst imaginable for far too many households.

“In the absence of enough targeted support or any practical energy advice from the Government, we have taken matters into our own hands to give every household access to the information they need to make savings – no matter who their supplier is.

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“Earlier this year, Utilita’s inaugural Household Energy Behaviour Index confirmed that most households are not in a position to consider big-ticket items such as solar, electric vehicles and heat pumps.

“Instead, they want to know about free or low-cost ways to cut their energy costs – so we’ve worked really hard to provide that information in the simplest possible way.”

After going through rigorous testing and a 5,000 household study, Utilita said its 15-point checklist “would enable most households to save hundreds, if not thousands on their annual energy spend”.

According to said study, the biggest accumulative savings that are yet to be adopted by up to 40 percent of households surveyed include:

  • Turning the heating down by 1C (to stay between 18-21C) – £229 per year
  • Turning down hot water tap temperature to 50C – £115 per year
  • Using more efficient cooking appliances – £202 per year.

This amasses savings of up to £546, but with 40 percent of households not yet adopting these three actions, up to £5.5 billion in total is currently being missed, according to Utilita.

Archie Lasseter, Utilita’s sustainability lead who is behind the checklist, said: “We acknowledge that millions of households will have done everything they can to cut back through lack of choice, but we also know that millions of households have been plunged into fuel poverty that – until now – hadn’t needed to consider cutting their energy spend.

“At Utilita, we believe that the cheapest and greenest energy is the energy we don’t use, and the free sessions will help all households – no matter what their situation – to use less energy in the interest of the planet and the pocket.”

“With the new two-year energy price guarantee in place, households following this advice can be confident that the direct savings they will make will be relevant for this duration – after that, we will reflect the savings in line with the price cap.”

To attend a free session in their local area, people can click ‘Become a Bill Buster’ on the Utilita website here to find out where sessions will be listed by region from early October.

People can also request a free session in their local community, from schools to GP surgeries, and church groups to parent and toddler sessions by following the same link.

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